LATE BREAKING NEWS: Ex-Political Prisoner Brad Love Arrested for Harassing Phone Calls & Letter


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[Paul Fromm in Canada sent me this. Jan]

FORT McMurray, Alberta, August 23, 2023. At 3:45 this afternoon former political prisoner Brad Love called CAFE from the police station in Fort McMurray. It must be a slow crime week. The RCMP were seen lurking around the doors and peering in the windows of Mr. Love’s townhouse yesterday. Today, they showed up in person to arrest Mr. Love for three counts of harassment.

In woke, snowflake Canada today, calling or writing to a public body with a strong message of protest is considered "harassment" by the vulnerable dears. One charge refers to a letter Mr. Love sent last year to the Fort McMurray Mayor’s Committee on Drag Queens. Two other counts arise from phone calls to his MP and to a native affairs group.

"It’s a pile on," Mr. Love told CAFE.

After previous arrests by the Fort McMurray RCMP, operatives of Canada’s highly politicized justice system, Mr. Love was granted bail the same day after a hearing, either in person or by video. Not today. He will spend the night in prison and attend a bail hearing.

Back on the streets in the world of real crime, there’s a war going on among the city’s vitamin stores. One was recently firebombed. The highly politicized cops have not cracked this arson or the conflict. Far better to hassle an opinionated man who protests the woke policies of governmentBRAd love speaking.jpg

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