S.Africa: An Intense Christian (Suidlander?) race war panic underway… Siener Van Rensburg Prophecies for 2019


This is a quick note. There is an intense panic underway in South Africa among white Christians who believe in the Siener Van Rensburg prophecies. My suspicion is that this is the Suidlanders at work again. They are forever making predictions which are WRONG, and then when they fail, they create new dates a few months ahead and so it goes on… ad infinitum.

You will recall when Simon Roche was in the USA in March 2017, he was begging for fuel for a war that could wipe the whites out in April 2017. After that bold and totally wrong statement, I heard from Suidlanders in private that the due date, the BIG ONE was due in August 2017 – round about the 22nd. As usual, that was also totally f*cking wrong… But it had stirred people up like crazy. There were guys I knew “withdrawing” in order to prepare for war then.

I have now heard that there is a new date for the “race war”. The D-Day for this one is 21st January 2019. People are expecting all out war. I’ve seen some of the “prophecies” and “data” supplied which “prove” that Siener Van Rensburg’s prophecies are coming true.

There is a *LOT* of white rightwing, mostly Christian activity underway. It is very intense. Definitely the most intense that I’ve ever come across in my 18 years of political commentary. Some people are clearly spending extra money on preparations, etc. Some are going for weapons training. There is a *LOT* of activity and its not by just one group. Its many. But it is ALL driven by the Christian belief that the prophecies of Siener Van Rensburg are coming true. Some people have told me that we have “less than 6 months left”. They’re talking about anarchy in the streets, race war, etc.

I LIKE White Right Wing activity. It is ALWAYS GOOD to be preparing and better still to be active.

But when it is driven by idiocy, it can land people in jail. There is a definite Siener Van Rensburg/Suidlander link to the time when the Boeremag went and began planting bombs. This ended up destroying the Boeremag. What I am FEARING is that this Suidlander/Siener Van Rensburg madness might result in some morons doing stupid things and then they get arrested for committing crimes in the FALSE BELIEF that the time for a Boer Rebellion is under way.

One thing I have established clearly, in my investigations is that whenever you hear “Siener Van Rensburg” then you must know there is a Suidlander agenda behind it. Gustav Muller is the son-in-law of Adriaan Snyman who has written stacks of books, which sold very well, about his interpretations of the Siener Van Rensburg prophecies. Adriaan Snyman is, what you might call: “The High Priest” of this “religious cult”. So when the “High Priest” begins talking, and his son-in-law begins talking, then they can stir up a lot of activity, fear and panic with their incorrect predictions.

Now the big bummer for us, is when their nonsense fails, then everyone loses heart, instead of just working steadily in a focused way on building up the white right for the future. People are thus motivated by panic and fear of race war, instead of operating on proper logic. When they are in this state of mind, they also have a greater chance of throwing all caution and logic into the wind and thereby making moves and doing things that they would not do normally. This is how the Boeremag, who were also under this influence at the time, went and began planting bombs in Soweto and other places.

I will update you when I have more information.


5 thoughts on “S.Africa: An Intense Christian (Suidlander?) race war panic underway… Siener Van Rensburg Prophecies for 2019

  • 23rd April 2019 at 12:54 pm

    @Susan also you forget Jan was creating awareness for Farm Murder’s & what was and is going on in south africa, way before you actually even where “woke” always remember that, little one.

  • 23rd April 2019 at 12:52 pm

    oh and this is the comment of susan
    Jan, I dont know who you are and from what I’ve read now I dont care to know. You dont know anything about what is happening and what you are writing about is utter rubbish. Siener is not assiciated with the Suidlanders and their actions. What they do is their business and although I dont stand with them and dont agree with all they say, I am a firm believer in what Siener predicted as many of his have come true and is happening at the moment in our country. He spoke a message of hope and not fear. His predictions clearly states that those who trust in God and walk in His obedience will be safe. We dont run around like headless chickens when a someone cries wolf. We abide the time and know that, although these (some very terrible) things happen around us we can stand strong and know that it is always darkest just before the sun rises. And the sun will come up for SA, regardless of the corrupt political parties trying to pull it apart and running it to the ground because of their greed and hatred. Regardless, we dont need idiots like you talking about what you obviously know nothing about just to have your claim to fame, however small that seems.

  • 23rd April 2019 at 12:51 pm

    @Susan Your very incorrect, and rather stupid,
    let me give you a break down concerning Suidlanders and how they are linked with Adriaan Synman
    Firstly Adriaan Synman Daughter NAOMI MÜLLER (Synman) is married to Gustav Muller, they both have a daughter called CHRISTINE JOLETTE, if you dare to say there is no interconnect your rather wrong in your view

    now for other point, look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Adp754lBCXQ – Suidlanders Adriaan Snyman 16 Dec 2015

    your a fool, and dont think Jan can’t see what is going on in this country he certainly can, its you fools that think a night attack is going to happen before the election.

    you People easily forget that Adriaan Snyman is one of many other people who’s interpretation of Siener Van Rensburg, why don’t you go look at Frik Pretorius interpretation?
    People like yourself are easily fooled, and lead astray.
    dont forget to click your heels together three times and say yahweh when you in trouble…..

  • 27th October 2018 at 4:01 pm

    (((Christians))) “The High Priest” of this “religious cult”. Exactly!!! I totally Concur.


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