VERY IMPORTANT: Americans Investigate Simon Roche; Gustav Muller & the Suidlanders: Part 1 & also: Roche’s Jewish-named children!

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[NB: NB: Special Note: In November 2018, Catherine contacted me directly regarding this report below. She claimed there were errors herein and she also wanted her children’s names removed, claiming that it was openly illegal to publish their names here. The changes I made here are discussed in this article, along with the messages that she sent me: Jan]

Here is the article from April 2018:-

[Some very concerned Americans decided to carry out their own investigation of Simon Roche and the Suidlanders. This is what they found.

Credits: The research was done by Iceblock and the commentary was written by Goy Rogers.

My understanding is that they are still busy with investigations and they’re not finished. I think they discovered things that even South Africans don’t know about the Suidlanders. So take note!

NB: In this document they did not mention Simon Roche’s 2 children with Catherine Grenfell. I thought I’d mention this, because this is among the stuff they found and it is important. Simon Roche claims to have had 5 different children – with 3 different white women I think. However, Catherine Grenfell is the one woman he’s had two children with. She describes herself as VERY Liberal. She attained quite a position even being on a well known Liberal radio station. There is more regarding Catherine and Roche’s children with her which I won’t go into here.

But what did strike me as interesting, are the questions regarding Roche and whether Roche is a Jew and whether Catherine herself is Jewish. You’ll see the conclusions in this document below. What I found interesting are the names of the two children Roche had with her. They are: XXX & YYY. These are very Jewish names. In South Africa the Jews often even use names that come out of the Bible. So names like “David” for example, are very common among Jews here. And I’ve even come across Jews with the first name of: Israel (sometimes disguised by the Jews by calling them “Issy”). So the names XXX & YYY are very Jewish indeed. Why did Simon and Catherine give their children these Jewish names? That should make you think.

Roche may claim that he’s a “good Christian boy”, but his girlfriend is anything but Christian in her values. She’s a raging Liberal. She has no attachment to her own race at all. She and Simon are no longer together.

Here are photos of Catherine Grenfell.

Now many Americans are fooled into thinking that Simon Roche is the leader of the Suidlanders. But this is NOT TRUE. He “is in charge of the headquarters” of the Suidlanders and perhaps this is a bit of deliberate misdirection? But this leads many people to thinking that he IS the Suidlanders. The actual leader of the Suidlanders, as per their website, has always been, and remains an “Afrikaner” called Gustav Muller. Now Gustav Muller drew my attention in 2007 when he popped on to the scene. I was as suspicious about him then as I am about Roche now. In this document the Americans do some digging into this character Gustav Muller and they make some interesting discoveries about him.

Here are photos of Gustav Muller. The one where he is sitting with a book in his hand is when he is holding a Bible.

The Americans have found some interesting links between Simon’s jobs. They all relate to a company that is only owned by blacks! Simon can also speak a black language which is a rarity among whites here. Most of us don’t take enough interest in the blacks to bother. But Simon clearly has had a serious interest in blacks. You’ll even come across this if you watch some of his videos carefully where he discusses them. He has a serious knowledge of their language and customs which is NOT normal for most whites here.

NB: In this document you will find the proof that Simon Roche did hobnob with senior blacks in Govt. You will see that the company he worked for did business with the South African Presidency. This probably relates to what he says about being asked to Project Manage Nelson Mandela’s funeral.

NB: I posted an article recently on HistoryReviewed which mentioned how a Jewess, Barbara Roche was responsible, on Tony Blair’s orders, for bringing in the big flood of non-whites into the UK. She is definitely Jewish and her surname is the same as that of Simon. So the circumstantial case for him being Jewish increases…

NB: In this document you will see the most complete review of information I have yet seen anyone get on the mysterious Gustav Muller who runs the Suidlanders.

NB: NB: In this document the Americans make a point that is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. They speak about the links between the Boeremag and the Suidlanders. This is something I’ve also come across. The Boeremag planted bombs and tried to start a race war in South Africa. All the whites who were involved in this were caught and were/are still in jail. I cannot emphasise the importance of this link which these Americans point out. I have other UNPUBLISHED information in this regard which is extremely shocking. The unpublished information I have on this link between the Suidlanders and the Boeremag will shock whites in South Africa and you will stop regarding the Suidlanders as a joke. You will then begin to see how dangerous these people are. I have released this highly sensitive information to certain people who need to know this. I will not publish this information. But I have handed it over to someone in an official position.  If you were to understand what actually took place, you would realise the madness of these people and their “interpretations of prophecy” and what it really led to.

The importance of what happened here cannot be overstated. White South Africans did not know this, but there was a TOTALLY SECRET organisation in South Africa composed of highly intelligent and patriotic white men who were utterly determined to fight for whites. This organisation was composed of Boers and non-Boer whites. They used the term “Boer” but in reality they regarded any white as a Boer. They called themselves the Boeremag. Then weird people began getting into this organisation. “Suidlander type” clowns began getting into this organisation. The serious and intelligent men then quietly withdrew out of this organisation. With the “Suidlander type” clowns now in charge … they went on to plant bombs to try to start a race war. The original Boeremag was purely defensive. Instead the new clowns tried to start a war … and their efforts were a TOTAL FLOP and everyone ended up in jail! I did a video about the original Boeremag here: Video: Untold Story of South Africa’s Greatest Rightwing Organisation –

NB: When Simon masqueraded as Frederick Von Strass. This is true and I even knew a Suidlander who actually saw Simon Roche being introduced as Frederick Von Strass. Then about a year later he reappeared on the scene and was now called Simon Roche (which is his real name). They present screen shots of things he actually wrote on a forum when he was “Frederick Von Strass”. Interestingly, from these screen shots Simon Roche was already in the USA in 2014 raising money for the Suidlanders!! So how long have they then been getting monies from the USA? And what stories did they tell back then? What dates for our genocide were they giving out then?

I am really enjoying this co-operation between us whites in South Africa and these concerned white Americans. This is awesome!

There is much more coming regarding the Suidlanders. This is far from over. More info is coming soon! Jan]

American Investigation of the Suidlanders, Simon Roche & Gustav Muller

There have been a group of us who have been very concerned with Simon Roche and the true
impact/goal of the Suidlanders organization for some time now. Our examination has turned up some
very interesting – and disturbing facts. Please note that this is something that we are still in the process
of digging up, and the information we have so far collected is not the whole story. It’s just what we’ve
found so far.

Gustav Muller and the infiltration of Right wing Groups in SA

In this article, a former associate of Muller talks about how the Suidlanders is a subject of much interest
on the part of the South African intelligence and security forces. Odendaal admits to being one such
informant and was closely placed in the Suidlanders organization, trying to foment civil war by
encouraging the group to assassinate then president Jacob Zuma

The curious case of Simon Roche’s resume/address
Simon’s past work history is quite interesting, when one looks at his LinkedIn profile

His two previous jobs, a meat packing firm and an entertainment business, are both listed at the same
address in Johannesburg.

This is the website of that business. You will see that on it, the projects which Simon lists on his linked in
do appear. But no mention of him anywhere. And they also profess to be an all-black business.

This is a google earth shot of the address in question. This is in a very wealthy Jewish suburb in Joburg.
Clearly a residential address (Note the NYPD security signs – ritzy private security firm). But there’s

Dreamcatcher media is the 3rd business associated with this address. It lists the Presidency of RSA as a
client. This one does not appear on Simon’s resume.
An almost 20 year old web design page that does not appear to have been updated in a very long time.
All told, there are 7 businesses associated with this address, with 4 different points of contact. Even if
Simon alleges that he was working from home for the two jobs listed on his profile that have this
address, it does not add up when one considers the other 5 that are also present here. 2 of which list
points of contact who have Zulu names – which is curious given the stated intent of the Suidlanders
organization. It would appear as though this is a front address. For what ends? The best guess that the
compilers of this information can come up with is that Simon and Gustav are ANC operatives and
laundering the money that they raise through the Suidlanders. The website associated with the group
claims that it has raised 35,000 USD. Considering Jared Taylor donated all of the Amren proceeds to the
group last year, and we have an eye witness account from Vanessa Carlise of Simon raising a further
20,000 dollars in Texas, it strains credulity that that is all the group has raised. Simon toured the US for 6
months last year and is due to arrive again shortly for the 2018 Amren conference in Nashville. It is
unknown at this point what his itinerary is before or after the April 28th conference. It is likely that they
are operating with the ANC’s consent and that they are obfuscating how much money they are bringing
in. Playing both sides.

Jewish infiltration of Suidlanders
It is the belief of this correspondent that both Simon Roche and Gustav Muller are Jews.
1. The address of those “businesses” is in a wealthy Jewish suburb of Joburg.
2. Simon was involved with a Jewish woman, Catherine Grenfell, with whom he has two children. Her
facebook page lists her political beliefs as “very liberal” and she is involved in pro-black and gay rights
politics. Uncommon positions for white saffers, to say the least. Very common for South African Jews.

She lives in Sandton, which is the (((richest))) neighborhood in all of Africa.
3. Roche is NOT a Dutch/Boer name. It is not an anglo name. It is more common among French jews.
4. Phenotypes (see photos)

5. Simon has claimed in the past that he was affiliated with the ANC. This is not something that whites
are permitted to do. The same restrictions do not apply to Jews.
6. Despite claims of homelessness made in front of his American audiences during his 6 month tour,
Simon mentioned recently on one of his media junkets that he had a farm. A curious development given
that whites were not permitted to purchase farms even before the most recent land-grab
developments. (((Fellow whites))) however….
Gustav Muller information
With all the time we have spent gathering and disseminating Simon Roche information, we have
somewhat neglected his partner– Gustav Zietsman Muller.
Muller claims he was recruited into SA intelligence by his relative, Dr. Hannes Liebenberg.
Muller claims to have been an intelligence officer and later trainer. This was proven to be false. Muller’s
spent his intelligence time watching guards and coaching army sports teams. Hannes Liebenberg is an
interesting character. He is a major SA industrial figure. He was at ISCAR, and later AfriTech and
In 2002, Liebenberg’s wife was found dead. Initially declared a suicide, numerous anonymous calls to
police forced the investigation reopened. Guess who was out house when Liebenberg discovered his
dead wife? Muller. Muller’s wife, at the time, Chrisjolet Vos Muller was also present at the home.
In 2007, Muller initiated the Mandela Death Hoax.
In August 2007, police went to a farm to arrest Muller on charges of defrauding Balfour municipality for
R 92,000
They found Muller in bed with another man and woman. Muller, Henk du Preez and Sune Burger were
all nude in the same bed. All 3 were arrested on fraud warrants.
The same year, Muller was tried in Bloemfontein on an illegal weapons charge.
Also in 2007, 23 members of a group called Boeremag stood trial in Pretoria. They were linked to
In 2007, Muller divorced Chrisjolet Vos. In 2008, he married Naomi Snyman. She is the daughter of an
author named Adriaan Snyman, who from what I seen, writes insane nonsense about some Boer biblical
In 2010, a man named Danie Odendaal stated that he had been recruited by his handler, a Police
Colonel, to join Suidlanders in order to gather info for legal actions.
Muller met Odendaal in 2002. Odendall distributed thousands of rands of police money in order to
support Gustav Muller family.
Odendaal said Gustav told him that there were at least 200 agents from various government
departments that were members of Suidlanders.
Odendaal eventually fled to Ireland. Odendaal was the man who led a group of South African
mercenaries to help Gaddafi escape Libya. Someone was a double agent who informed British of their
position and allowed NATO to kill Gaddafi.
When asked about Gustav’s arrest, Odendaal said, “I heard there was a terrible fornication on the
I asked a few of my contacts for more information on this Liebenberg. I think he is a major funder and
networker worldwide for Suidlanders.
Most of Gustav’s military comrades describe him as incompetent. He was only given intelligence
assignment because of (((contacts))) in high places. That’s why they only let him coach sports, and not
do anything important.
Liebenberg operates in a town called Wadeville that is not too far from Johannesburg.
There are some Liebenberg’s also involved with Botswana Blood Diamond smuggling with Sicilian crime
families. They are only group who gets to sell diamonds without going through South African
government system. I don’t know yet how closely they are related to Hannes Liebenberg
Simon also has a Botswana connection. They could be funneling a lot funding through Botswana.

Simon’s nome de Plume
Attached are screenshots of things Simon has written under an assumed name.

David Duke Tweet
This tweet has since been deleted, but this is the photo that Simon references in his post about Duke. It
clearly doesn’t match his description of the encounter as this appears to be a public place. A restaurant
from the looks of it. It wasn’t a quick jaunt to Duke’s home which saw Simon quickly leave.

This is the evidence we have compiled thus far. It is by no means exhaustive, but it does indicate that
Simon and the Suidlanders are not to be trusted. The organization appears to be raising money for the
benefit of Roche and Muller, not white people in South Africa. Not even for the benefit of members of
the Suidlanders (who number in the several hundred). There was a recent farm attack that saw the
property of a member destroyed. Not one rand was dispersed by the Suidlanders to the benefit of this
poor fellow. Consider what we have offered as proof and we hope that readers of this document will
join our push to make sure that these people cannot profiteer off of the suffering of whites in South
Africa any longer. After Roche has been dealt with, we plan to continue our efforts exposing controlled
opposition in SA by digging into Julius Malema.

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