VERY URGENT: Information wanted on Simon Roche of the Suidlanders



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VERY IMPORTANT: Americans Investigate Simon Roche; Gustav Muller & the Suidlanders: Part 1 & also: Roche’s Jewish-named children!

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What the Suidlanders’ Simon Roche told Brian Ruhe: His empathy for Black people & Jews & his very high level ANC connections

Are the Suidlanders a business? Do the Suidlanders own an Insurance Brokerage company?

Who owns the Suidlander websites & how many do they have? – Also: The weird Geneva Convention Non-Combatant angle!

Vanessa Carlisle’s letter to Jared Taylor of Amren regarding Simon Roche of the Suidlanders

The interview below was between Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, Melve, Vanessa and Jan.
Video: VERY IMPORTANT: Did Simon Roche of the Suidlanders defraud Americans to buy a farm in SA?

I posted the information request below on 3rd June 2017. Since then there has been additional information coming through which I have published.

Here are links to the additional information that I published since then:
Video: VERY IMPORTANT: Suidlanders: Is Simon Roche a Scam artist defrauding Whites? –

VERY IMPORTANT: Suidlanders: Simon Roche: 4 Emails regarding money collected in the USA – MelVe & Faith Goldy – LAST CHANCE! –

Video: SA: Whites only country? Avoiding the Jews? Simon Roche cornered on DailyKenn Show – Suidlanders –

Video: EXPOSED: Suidlanders: The real Simon Roche from someone who knows him personally: Part 1 –

Video: EXPOSED: Suidlanders: The real Simon Roche from someone who knows him personally: Part 2 –

This is a call to everyone. I am looking for any information anyone has on the man we know as the spokesman for the Suidlanders who are touring the USA and giving interviews. I have been digging a lot into this man and his past and what I am coming across is EXTREMELY TROUBLING and all whites, especially BOERS must be aware of this.

You can put your feedback and information on my website on the link of this article.

I will release all the information I have later. But this man is doing interviews across the USA and many of them are on video. I have studied some and there are some extremely troubling things that are coming out.

What is of special interest are his mention of Israel, and Jews. Also this man had an extremely high rank in the ANC – a very high rank which I heard him speak of. This man may be extremely dangerous to the Suidlander organisation.

If you have come across any news articles or better still any interviews where he says anything that could be of importance, please send me the link and the time where this happens.

My 5 biggest youtube channels were banned just days before I was to appear with Simon on a show. So I lost interest in speaking to him. I had then already formed a negative opinion about him. So when I cancelled the interview I did write to him in person and I copied Brian Ruhe and others. I told Simon various things to his face and I will publish that email on my website and in a video.

However, since then, even more information has been coming in. Its all very troubling. So please scrutinise carefully any interviews he’s done especially on video and let me know if anything interesting comes out.

I have my own sources who have passed on critical information to me already but I will publish it all later. In the meantime I’d appreciate any links to anything else that could be valuable.

I also know the Suidlander’s actual plans and what will happen to the whites inside the organisation in the event of a war. I will publish that too.

40 thoughts on “VERY URGENT: Information wanted on Simon Roche of the Suidlanders

  • 12th March 2018 at 7:50 pm

    Hello Jan. Firstly, nice to see you getting more active these days. I really missed your comments and contributions way back then on the Mike Smith Blog and others.

    The debate around the ANC terrorist snake Roche has been brought to life once again. We are presently investigating Gustav and others for their lifestyle as it’s now thought that the whole Suidlander thing is a bloody money making scam.

    If one considers where and how these leaders of the “world’s largest” prepper group lives, their wealth, their support base of registered contributors, it’s becoming clear what’s going on.

    I will keep you updated in the months ahead.

    Meanwhile, we will continue following your valued contributions.

  • 30th September 2017 at 10:06 pm

    When you have lived in AFrica for 41 years like I have, one suddenly has the urge to tell you to fuck off… Why must I do away with 40 years of life experience because of one gaslighting post of yours? Go fuck yourself.

  • 28th September 2017 at 8:32 am

    This South African Woman HATES Simon Roche and has ALOT to say about him.

  • 4th September 2017 at 4:33 pm

    Hi Jan,
    I have suspected the motives of the Suidlanders for quite some time, now that I have found out more about the illustrious S.Roche it all makes sense, to our detriment unfortunately.
    My assessment of the Suidlanders is that it is a grand plan by the Afrikanerbond & big business to keep us safe in time of turmoil & ounce order has been restored, Boers etc can go back to work & continue to run the businesses of the Stellenbosch mafia & Jews.
    How about you starting a petition in non Jewish “run” countries to ask for asylum for the Boers of S.Africa, countries that come to mind are Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Urugway, also some former iron curtain countries. Robert.

    • 7th September 2017 at 7:56 am

      I don’t believe the Suidlanders will actually have a use. They only protect themselves.

  • 27th June 2017 at 4:23 am

    “Several right-wing sources have voiced fears that the Suidlanders might be a National Intelligence Agency project to net “right-wing crazies” who might have sinister motives. Suidlanders leader Gustav Muller denies this, saying the rumours had started because of his past career in intelligence.”
    How do we now Gustav isn’t still working for NI?
    “Ek is oortuig daarvan dat hierdie hele ding ‘n regeringsoperasie is, nes die Boeremagdebakel wat deur ‘n veiligheidspolisieman, ene JC Smith aangevoor is. Die berig meld dit nie, maar in die uitnodiging na Gustav Muller se “voorligtingsessies” wat op regse forums versprei is word beweer dat hy die “inligting” as voormalige MI-offisier in die hande gekry het. ‘n Bietjie deduktiewe logika: As ons aanvaar dat die “inligting” vals is, dan lieg Muller oor sy status as voormalige offisier. Dit is onwaarskynlik dat hy die aanspraak sou maak indien hy nooit vir MI gewerk het nie, dus werk hy nog steeds vir hulle. ‘n Verdere aanduiding: bywoning van die sessies en die CD’s was gratis. Daar is dus geen geldelike motief nie, alhoewel dit hom ‘n aansienlike bedrag moes gekos het om die inligting saam te stel en vir die reise en lokale te betaal.” Rooibaard’s comment on this forum is noteworthy >>

    • 29th June 2017 at 12:36 am

      Hi Amelia,
      Excellent comments and an excellent find. You’ll be receiving email notifications from me when I post videos.
      Thanks so much for this excellent stuff.

      • 2nd July 2017 at 9:15 am

        I have no proof but this is the conversation I saw on Mike Smith’s blog in the comments section –
        “Anonymous1:40 pm
        Thanks @anon 11.16 am. A highly informative (particularly for Americans) presentation by a super-bright man. I’ve followed him on for a long time. He is especially well-informed about SVR.

        Thanks for your excellent article Mike.


        Anonymous8:42 am
        If the presenter’s name is Fred, he has coloured children. Just another “kyker” like FW Frikkie’s sons who had a penchant for coolie girls

        Anonymous1:30 pm
        @Anon 8:42 am Thank you. That’s right — on and elsewhere he used the name Frederick von Strass.

        I was disappointed to hear “Fred” admit working for the ANC until recently and my concern about his credibility has increased since reading your comment about the coloured children. That doesn’t sound good for the integrity of Suidlanders.

        Can you provide any links / other information to help us decide whether or not to take “Fred” (and Suidlanders) seriously in future? Many thanks.


        Anonymous12:07 am
        James you are spreading fake news.

        The guy from the video is named Simon Roche and he is married to a Boer woman.

        Fuck you….deceiver.

        Anonymous4:08 am
        James, he admitted to coloured children in one of his posts on that forum you mentioned. He admitted to working for the ANC, but it was in his youth he says. What tipped him off was his use of the word “alluded” which Fred likes to use. He talked about bizzare stories of wife swapping and shit. WTF. I would not trust this guy at all. He tried to get me to join his group, but I never met him in person. I declined.

        Anonymous4:19 am
        hey james, go to the survivalist forum and search for the thread : Understanding the rich elite and how they will effect SA

        The go to post 14 and search the word “Coloured Child” and then read the sentances around those words.

        He talks about racial purity with whites but he admits to coloured children.

        I mean if you want mixed kids, that is none of my beeswax, but dont sit there and hoity toity yourself with whites acting how you want to saves whites. White this white that. Fuggit. I dont trust the guy.

        Anonymous4:20 am
        oh and in the same post he admits to being jailed for anti apartheid activities. I mean, hey, thats your choice, but what the fook is he doing in afrikaner ranks then? Is he a prodigal son?

        Whats going on? Don’t be duped by him or boere mall ninja or others. Go see the post for yourselves.

        Anonymous4:25 am
        Dear James : this is what Fred von strass had to say in that forum and I quote: ” Of one thing I am certain, liberal values and liberal theology clearly do not make sense especially in practise. I have given it the benefit of the doubt, have been jailed for it, have a coloured child, and have made personal sacrifices to support the implementation of the national democratic revolution, only to discover that it is unremitting Africanist bulls**t. ”

        So a man in the Suiderlanders is a former supporter of the NDR? DAFUQ?

        And you want to join this guy and Boer mall ninja in uniting with these people to arm and train and fight?

        I see these guys getting taken out by a drone strike in day 2 of the fighting. Day 1 will be CNN and others rocking up for the show. IT will be Bop invasion in a clapped out merc, the Sequel.

        We need to fight with our brains here with knowledge and intel. It is like Mike smith said, we fight over cyber space in the future. The future is now.

        Boeries have always had dodgy leadership. You need to be your own leader. Retain your leadership and dont give it up unless it is Jesus himself. (Jesus is cool, lol)

        I hope you find this message…

        Anonymous11:40 am
        I think James made it clear that Fred was a non de plume

        Anonymous4:44 pm
        Many thanks to the above posters for all your enlightening and helpful information about “Frederick von Strass” — a pseudonym that the speaker in that video admits using. Further, as you might have seen on today, Fred was requesting information from America in connection with a subsequent presentation.

        My eyes have been opened by this latest revelation. I shall now retain personal leadership and prepare for survival of the onslaught independently, with the help of God.

        With much gratitude for the invaluable information shared by Mike and the many other good people here. As was said in the above posts, this type of information can literally save lives. No ways do I want anyone I care about to be victims of a Bop invasion Sequel! Clearly we need to be vigilant about such traps.


        • 29th September 2017 at 5:36 am

          Thanks for posting this. It’s fascinating. This does tie up with what I heard personally from some suidlanders who told me of their suspicions. One guy told me he saw the man we know as Simon being introduced as Frederick about a year earlier. They also referred to this forum and the posts there. Thanks for finding and posting the actual posts.

          I see that Simon convinced many that we would die in August 2017. And as you can see we’re all still alive.

          Thanks for your feedback.

        • 29th March 2018 at 8:27 am

          Thank you very much. Yes, this could be Simon Roche. That is the sort of name that he was using initially with the Suidlanders. I knew a Suidlander who was present when “Frederick von Strauss” was introduced to them. More than a year later, this guy was back and was now called Simon Roche. So thanks for this information of what was posted.

    • 29th September 2017 at 5:43 am

      Amelia got really out did yourself.
      This is utterly fascinating information. I tell you I’ve always been suspicious of that man. Even in the days of African crisis it made no sense. In 2007, I called them out for scaring people needlessly.

  • 27th June 2017 at 4:17 am

    Simon Roche apparently goes by the name Frederick Von Strass on a forum called If you just go to #14 in this thread you’ll see Frederick/Simon admit to not only being a former ANC activist (I’ve lived around lefty types my whole life in SA & they wouldn’t even be so treacherous as to have anything to do with the ANC – either in Apartheid or now), but Simon/Frederick also admits to having a coloured child.
    Apparently Simon admitted in his interviews in the US that he was involved in the ANC previously. Now this might not raise eyebrows abroad, but any sane white South African would be alarmed at that revelation. I never trust people who go from one extreme to the next politically – they’re either nuts or an agent. Suidlanders is infested with National Intelligence Agents btw &

    • 29th June 2017 at 12:50 am

      Hi Amelia,
      Can you find me the links where “Von Strauss” (1) Admits he was in the ANC (2) He has a coloured child?

      Can you explain to me why people believe that “Von Strauss” is Simon Roche? What’s the case for that?


      • 2nd July 2017 at 3:44 pm

        Regarding proof if Frederick is a pseudonym for Simon Roche, see this thread>>>
        A guy called KeyboardWarrior asks “For those that have met ol Fred von Strass, tell me … is he the guy posing to the left of David duke here in the first picture–> “. Open the links he included – it’s pictures of Simon Roche.
        Simon/Frederick them replies two posts down “I remain a Yiddophile. Prior to going to the USA we heard that David Duke had provided….”. You can read the rest. Pretty much proves that Simon Roche is Frederick.

        • 10th April 2018 at 7:39 pm

          Its Keyboard Kommando. Not Keyboard Warrior.

      • 29th September 2017 at 5:39 am

        Hi amelia
        Thanks so much for getting back to me with the info. I read it with absolute fascination. I hear Simon is back in South Africa after living off Americans and abusing their kindness for 6 months.

        Do you know if Simon has ever said that he was a member of the anc? That was a point that I got caught on. My own research made me think other things about him.

  • 7th June 2017 at 4:10 am

    I heard Simon Roche speak in Seattle. He presented a slide show. It was obvious that he was an experienced public speaker because of his dramatic delivery. Afterwards, I went up to him and asked if he was familiar with the African Crisis YouTube channel and the man behind it. I had forgotten Jan Lamprecht’s name at that moment. Simon Roch told me he did NOT know about the African Crisis YouTube channel or the person behind it. I had another question which I don’t remember now, but Roche dismissed me rather abruptly and sent me across the room where his assistant was sitting to ask him. I don’t recall his assistant’s name. I decided I didn’t care for either of these guys so wandered off to look for some more cordial people to chat up. Simon Roche told us he had tried to interest American church groups in hosting the Suidlanders slide lecture, but only one or two were interested. He told us he was surprised that it was White Nationalist and Alt.Right meet-up groups which where more welcoming then Christians. Some of the people at the meeting gave money to the Suidlanders. I didn’t because my first impression of Mr. Roche wasn’t a good one. He reminded me of a salesman.

  • 6th June 2017 at 11:13 pm

    Brian Ruhe is a jew. There’s a video.of him confiding with another Jew and saying these goyim are so fucking dumb.

    • 7th September 2017 at 8:11 am

      You must be joking. If you have a video then post the link.

  • 6th June 2017 at 10:34 am

    Hi Jan,
    I have been thinking about this last night and can probably give you a less convoluted & more condensed version, of what I see in this and how it applies to Simon Roche.

    Aren’t all those characters: the jews, Israel, the NWO-lovers, Barbara Lerner-Spectre (and doesn’t she really look like a ghost?), Soros, the Suidlanders, Eichelburg (and how ever many more there are) essentially telling the same story? And are they not all providing us with an enemy to fight, which is NOT them?

    The story would be:
    chapter 1) there will be war/unheavals, that is a given and inevitable, it is a necessary purge and many of YOU will die. (and oy vey, poor US, aren’t we going to suffer from this!)
    2) There is a saviour/method of saving/promise coming. He/it will reign supreme after the dust has settled
    3a) There will be very few of you left (just enough to serve us)
    3b)The survivors will be the strong and foresightful among you, the ones that deserve to live (serve us) and all the undesirables will be dead (yay!)
    4) YOUR life will be drudge and misery and lots and lots of work because YOU will do the rebuilding (for us)
    5) In the end, when all is rebuild, all will be well and as it used to be in the good old days when evreybody knew their place (and OUR place is at the top, of course)

    The enemies given vary according to the target audience: Blacks for you, Muslims for us, and on a more subtle but equally devastating level for all of us: the poor/unneccessary eaters, old aged people, women, and above all WHITES.
    Look at them, it’s THEIR fault. Don’t look at us, we are innocent.

    Regarding the 2 characters in question, Roche and Eichelburg, this is certainly true for the latter. I did not study Roche’s storyline closely, but at least the war-saviour- very few survivors story is there.


  • 6th June 2017 at 2:42 am

    If I hadn’t met him myself, I would say you were correct to be suspicious; I had those same questions. However, Simon has not hid anything and if you met him in person, he goes into great detail and I’m not talking about the initial presentation, I had an actual conversation with the guy.

    To clear up 567’s comments: he doesn’t have easy access to international travel. And he does not have some great elaborate network of radio host friends, bloggers, etc. Everything organized here in the states is organized by people here who are sympathetic to what’s going on in South Africa.

    I’m not speaking on behalf of anyone, just giving information on what I know to be true based on my personal experiences.

  • 5th June 2017 at 2:27 pm

    Jan, good day. you are not the only one that has been looking in to this fearmonger. if one searches the SL website his name does not come up. he is apparently some specialist in “civil defense”. the latest according to his is that SL is all of a sudden the world leader in “prepping” but also says in his one article that once whatever happens people will have to take care of themselves. my question: why pay these people a monthly fee if you will be left to your own devices anyway.

    he caught my attention when i questioned his qualifications… did a couple searches and found NOTHING. i asked questions and was banned and dumped off of certain FB and whatsapp groups. all i know is this man is pushing the fearmongering Siener agenda, may it be for SL or for Gustav and the more fear they can generate the more money they are making from the public… not a single one of his news articles or videos give any new info, all revert back to the Genocide watch level 6 story by Stanton from 2012.. he likes to create scenarios and link them to Sieners apparent prophesies. who is he, what is he?? please do tell…

  • 5th June 2017 at 10:11 am

    Hi Jan ~ There was an interview I heard in mid May on by Stefan Molyneux talking to this guy Simon. I had never heard of him before and wondered why you never mentioned him. The interview was 1 hr 18 min. long. In it Simon told a lot of history of S. Africa from 1600s to present. It seemed comprehensive. Since I listened to it a few weeks ago, I do not recall anything specific in the interview discussing jews. Israel may have been mentioned but I don’t remember. Molyneux is a Canadian originally from GB, but he is a proponent of libertarian political ideas and speaks always against communism and the use of force by governments, and for the “non-aggression” principle. But we never hear anything negative by and large expressed toward jews from him. He is kind of like Alex Jones in that way, stays away from naming the elite, globalist hackers. He has a huge world wide following of his videos and podcasts. If you go to his website & to the podcast page and scroll down to podcast # 3688 you will see this interview which is titled “The Fall of South Africa”. After hearing the interview – and Simon said near end of it that he thought there would be a bloody revolution by the end of the year or even summer – I thought about you and have wondered how you are staying safe.

    We know there are a lot of bad things going on, and a lot of murder of white farmers in S. Africa, but, is it as bad as he says, i.e. a massacre coming? or maybe he has an agenda in spreading this ‘rumor’? or knows something people there cannot know. Also near the end of this interview, Simon mentions these two tribal chiefs and what they are saying, and he tells what it really means vs what many whites would think b/c they interpret the words differently. He was basically saying these tribal leaders are calling for the slaughter of all whites and it’s coming soon. I have no clear impression from the interview of any solutions or ideas for preventing this being offered. There may have been. Or, maybe it’s that by spreading the word he is trying to reach & wake up whites there? Perhaps he thinks he can warn ppl better on shows like this than simply staying in S. Africa. And, maybe that’s why he left because he knows what’s coming so he gets out of dodge, otherwise why wouldn’t he have a target on his back? I would think he would among the black population at least. But, what is he really doing for whites there ~ seems like nothing. Maybe he’s really an insider and knows the jews are stirring the pot with these blacks to take over S. Africa totally for themselves. Like they could succeed w/o whites, ha – but he certainly doesn’t imply that. I would recommend listening to this interview. See how much truth he is telling.

    Please stay safe!

  • 4th June 2017 at 10:42 pm

    I must have watch a completely different video. He does not suggest there is a “man on a horse, rocking or any other” that is going to save us. He has warned of the pending war aimed at killing every White person also that they do have places of safety but NO arms for protections. NOTE WARNING no solution.

    • 29th March 2018 at 7:49 am

      He says many things and what he says also conflicts and makes no sense. To some people he claims they’ll FIGHT! Then at other times he says everyone is going to die but they’ll save people. I have come across reports that Simon Roche is even RECRUITING white American men, some are military veterans and others are youngsters. He is recruiting them to fight in South Africa. He does all sorts of stuff. I’ve spoken at length to Suidlanders I knew about their actual plan. I’ve mentioned and discussed it. Its based on the Geneva Convention. But in essence they create camps and disarm the people except for the few guards in the camp. Their “solution” is to become “non-combatants”. But this conflicts with other things they claim. Its complex and its mixed up.

  • 4th June 2017 at 6:18 pm

    clue number one: the name “Simon”.

    clue number two, though a small one: the name “Roche”.

    clue number three, a big one: he looks like a jew.

    clue number four: the religious pacifist mind-poison.

    clue number five: easy international travel.

    clue number six: network of support by half-truth radio shows, podcasters, etc.

    conclusion: crypto-jew. ENEMY jew.

  • 4th June 2017 at 5:34 pm

    Hi Jan

    You don’t have to post this message, but I think if you have any fear of any kind, you should shed it…
    Just because your youtube channels got banned, does not mean Simon was behind it / or that he has connections with jews.
    Maybe he does, maybe not.. i do not know, but what I do know you canceled an interview with Simon, and we could have gotten information that we might not have known about… Maybe you felt you gonna cross lines you told yourself you not going to cross (spirituality / or faith)

    Sometimes when you fear something you need to embrace it.. We are all confused in these time, we get more paranoid because our enemies are waiting for us at every corner…

    Maybe it was that british newspaper agency that reported you, but regardless of what happened WE CANNOT TURN AGAINST EACH OTHER.

    And please don’t get me wrong, I am 200% behind you!! Please in the future do not cancel something because you lost interest.. Let it be the fuel to your fire, to destroy those who stand behind the jews… DO NOT SHOW YOUR ENEMIES YOUR WEAKNESS.

    It’s not about South Africa anymore, this place IS like Siener van Rensburg said , blacks will be everywhere, dressed in women clothes… The fact of the matter is, WE have allowed this abomination to spread like this…
    Don’t you think it is our punishment from GOD because we allowed these homosexuals and rapists run rampant????

    I asked you before your youtube got banned, what is the use staying in SA?
    fight for what? there is no freedom, no peace… What is the use you stay in SA, and render help to your enemies?
    Because if every white man, women andf child pack up and move to europe or america,
    that would damage the blacks/jews more than any gun would…

    And this is what is going to happen in SA and the rest of the world if we DO NOT STICK TOGETHER.
    We are being told my these – heretics – how we should live our lives, and what standards to accept…
    Everyone in this country has lost all hope, and that is what going to happen in Europe and USA if we do not get the message out. Simon is trying to get the message out, and for you to say we all have guns in SA to defend ourselves is a lie.. because maybe a lot of boers have guns… but not me and I bet you 80% of the normal citizens don’t have.

    I have witnessed maybe 3 months back, maybe 300+ black men in red clothes march past in my street 6:30 am in the morning..
    They are planning for something, and to say “oh we just drive down to a shop , and break in to get food” is another lie, because you know very well those places will be over run and looted by blacks… WHITES DO NOT STAND A CHANCE…!!!!
    YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO “JUST GO PUT FUEL FOR FREE” . you think the blacks won’t guard them?

    This is not some 5 year board old game, where the 5yr old got an AK 47, but will not go secure key places…

    I said it before as well, mandela’s prison number was 4 – 666 – 4 … SINCE YOU KNOW THE BIBLE, YOU WILL KNOW THAT IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST… i mean we work with these blacks every day, and you know it… they only have alcohol, sex, and drugs on their minds… they do not care if they destroy us, or the earth… and the jews love this, because they sit in Sandton in their mansions while the rest of us struggle and die every day…

    So Jan, I ask you as a friend you do not know… Please can we stand together… otherwise divided we going to fall…
    If we cannot rid the earth of these heretics(jews and niggers), then what is there for us to live for?
    Just because they are christians, and most of sieners stuff came true, wouldn’t it be naive to dismiss all the things he said?
    I am not saying have faith in Siener or in jesus, maybe try having faith in Odin..
    We as a white race have always been one with nature, and in return nature feeds us and give us peace…
    We are losing, and not just in SA .. all over the world, because if you say anything against a jew or kaffir, then you are a “racist”

    We have to stand together Jan, even if you do not agree with christians, we are still from the same blood..
    And as a matter of fact, the jews did write the new testament, but you know where they got the story from?

    A long time ago Loki killed Balr, and balr went to hell. Hell was always a dark place, until balr came into this world.
    This is where christianity came from.. Balr the shining one.. Balr the Sun, who has risen again..
    It is not about the white man, it is all about nature… those who look after the earth, will inherit it..
    so it is our task to destroy those who harm mother earth… and I am not a “hippie” or anything, that is just what it boils down to.
    Most people have given up what they truly believe in for some mythical jewish stories… and this is where we all need to be as sharp as a double edged sword, instead of canceling an interview because you “lost interest”, rather go at it with everything you got… but in a good way, so that the one who is living in the hazy religion realize how they are wasting their time and join you.

    Anyway, hope you have an awesome evening and release a new video soon.

    Take care

    • 29th March 2018 at 8:24 am

      You write a lot of confused Christian stuff. You’re looking for an excuse to do nothing. That’s what you’re looking for. And nobody is forcing you to do anything. If you want to do nothing then do nothing. You are also very confused by your Christian stuff. God’s punishment to whites, blah blah. Whatever the weakness of the Boer/Afrikaner, the fact is, as a human being, these people have tried their best to carry out the impossible requirements of Christianity. This Christianity is filled with all kinds of nonsense, like end times rubbish. End Times rubbish is something the Jews put in the Bible when they intended to destroy the Ancient Greeks (Book of Daniel) and the Romans (Revelations). This is merely Jewish psychological warfare aimed at revolutions that were carried out centuries ago. The Book of Revelation was written quite some time after Jesus. I think scientists have established that it was written around 100AD and scientists will tell you that the Book of Revelation was written specifically aimed at the Roman Empire. That is the empire they were trying to destroy back then.

      You write about various 666 and other stuff which I have long ago lost total interest in.

      Christianity is a SLAVE RELIGION. Christianity is a religion for the people at the bottom of society. It is a religion that teaches ONLY OBEDIENCE – like you teach a slave or a dog. Christianity says: “Render unto Caesar what is Caesars”. Christianity also responsible for “The divine right of Kings” – that the King is the King because God ordained it so therefore you must never rise up against the King. Christianity is all about obedience and just bearing burdens while being screwed by others. Christianity takes weakness and glorifies it. Christianity glorifies weakness and failure while making strength and health a sinful activity. So if you conquer someone then you’re evil. But if someone conquers you then you deserved what you got.

      You really need to study Nietzsche, which we will do in coming videos and then you’ll learn about why Nietzsche, the great German philosopher, called Christianity “the preachers of death”. Christianity is a DEATH CULT. Christians are always WAITING TO DIE. And here you are writing in exactly that same vein.

      You say most whites don’t have guns. But I have a friend who has been in Gun associations for very long and he and I have discussed many times approximately how many guns we do indeed have. It is true that its nothing like what we need or should have, but we’re also not totally disarmed despite the efforts of the ANC to destroy all gun ownership in South Africa.

      A HUGE MISTAKE you’re making in your analysis is to assume that our enemies are effective and can do anything the hell they want and we cannot. Our problem is not that we can’t. Its that we WON’T. Its not that we’ve tried and failed; its that we’ve never tried at all.

      I think you’re just a Christian Death Cultist waiting to die and you’re hoping that your big break comes WHEN YOU DIE! This is the thinking of a Christian, and whites need to snap out of this type of stuff.

      The white race never was this useless. Our past was glorious. It was bloody, but we got a lot done and we never feared our enemies. It is the height of madness that we now fear the blacks. This is a situation that has been deliberately engineered for us, by the (((elite))) of the world. The same people who want us whites in South Africa DESTROYED are the same SCUM that want to see Europe destroyed and who say that Europe has no future.

      Your calls for us to work together are based on a request that we just sit down together, talk about nothing significant and maybe we all sit and just cry together while waiting to die. I’m afraid that is NOT my attitude to this.

      I repeat that we whites must *FIGHT* for every square inch of South Africa and what we can’t keep, we must BLOW UP or BURN IT DOWN. But we give NOTHING MORE, not one grain of sand to the blacks more than we have. We’ve already given up far too much and this insanity and defeatism must be stopped. If even only a few of us stand our ground I am convinced it will hurt the enemy.

      If you still cannot understand “Blood and Soil” – which is the credo of the White Race in ALL our civilisations and nations and which has worked for us for aeons, then you have learned nothing. Then it seems to me you need a good solid lesson in WHY we are a Blood and Soil people and why we must NOT abandon it here in South Africa.

      The Boer/Afrikaner has been struggling since 1835 for his independence and now you advocate surrender and fleeing? Do you have no respect for the struggle of those who came before us? Will you throw their suffering for us into the wind? Have you no respect for their suffering that they bore for us?

      You have been infused with too much (((Liberal))) defeatism. You are spending too much time listening to our enemies and you have no conception of what is possible. Furthermore, you are completely wrong in your ideas about HOW we whites can and will unite. Its been done before. It WILL be done again and its even possible that this time, we’ll do it on a greater scale than its ever been done before.

      Clearly I need to do more videos about the Race War. I only did 2 and was half way through making the third. In total I think I’ll need about ten of them at least. I also will do videos later on white military history. You have no conception of the power of the white male when he is organised and functioning like a Lion. These worthless scum, communist blacks, spoilt brat pieces of shit who think they can take us … what these black scum need is to meet the STEEL FIST of the WHITE MALE in a way that they’ve not known since the Battle of Blood River. Its time we reminded the blacks of who they are screwing with.

      I was here in the 1980s and the white bent over backwards for these blacks. They bent over backwards to NOT KILL AS MANY OF THEM AS THEY COULD. Its time we turned around and bit these blacks hard and showed them what the white male can do and let them go and pick their way through the corpses and the dead of their own. We should be leaving piles of dead blacks everywhere as a reminder that we are white people descended from Europeans and we’re not here to be toyed with. There should be nothing left of dog shit like Julius Malema except for some blood spatter to mark where he finished the last moments of his existence. These blacks have had it too easy for too long and its time white males visited them with a good, solid, dose of reality!

      If you don’t want to be part of it then stand aside. I repeat: Its well overdue that the blacks here meet the STEEL FIST of the white man in a way they’ve not experienced in 200 years. That steel fist will knock some serious REALITY into them. And they need that badly. We’ll be doing them a favour by kicking their teeth out and showing them that we are NOT to be toyed with.

      PS: We have *LOTS* of *KILLING* to do to make up for all the white men, women and children murdered by blacks over the last 24 years. That alone means we must start by killing at least 100,000 blacks at the outset. That’s our DUTY to those who have died. We, as whites must NOT let our dead go unavenged. And if the truth be told, we should be killing ten of them for every one of ours they murdered. Then we can all it quits and say that’s FAIR!!!

      • 7th June 2018 at 2:45 am

        Nietzsche was a nut and spent the last 11 years of his life in an insane asylum. Before you cast aspersions at the New Testament, perhaps you should understand the Old Testament and then wash your mind of all the judeo-christianity BS you’ve apparently been poisoned with in your youth. The denominational churches are the best false Christianity that the jews could buy. My thoughts and prayers are with you people in SA. Fight if that’s what you think you need to do. But before you do that, better find your Gideon who is blessed by Yahweh to go into battle considering the odds facing you. Hitler had the righteous fight but he was circumventing Yahweh’s plan and timing. The time will come to Arise and Thresh. . .Micah 4:13.

        Why did you make those black bastards your neighbors? Why have the white people fallen for this multi-cultural bullshit? The Bible does not tell us to live with these demons. On the contrary, it tells us to be a separate people and not to touch the unclean. It is our fault. We went into the jungle, gathered up these beasts and put our clothes on them. What would you expect a beast to do?

  • 4th June 2017 at 12:27 pm

    Hi Jan,
    my impression is that he is part of an effort to distract a certain group of people and keep them from doing the only thing(s) that would save them: gather together and fight (or run). I listened to him solely because Sinead/Renegade have arranged for his US-tour. I was slightly amazed that he – who, if he is genuine, must have a huge target on his back – was allowed out of Southafrica, but I gave it a shot anyway. What he said failed to interest me, for one this prophecy-hope for a saviour-theme as such repells me. But my main qualm comes from an Austrian7Viennese website ( that is very influential among just the right people (patriots/nationalists/reasonably well off and connected) in German speaking countries. He guy who runs it – most likely a jew – does exactly the same thing: he keeps tellíng his readers that a new “Kaiser” is just around the corner and that he will save us. As unlikely as this sounds, but people hold on to this hope. There is a lot more to say about this, and of course there a great many more organisations/parties etc. who’s sole function is to provide a pressure control valve for the “Volkszorn” (wrath of the people). But my point is that they both essentially tell their followers a totally unlikely story, which appeals to their deep needs and hopes and thus comforts them enough to keep still for a little longer. In essence they tell them a good-night-fairytale. All the while things in the real world keep progressing in the desired direction. It is the same old salami tactic (((they))) always use. In my impression Mr Roche is part of this effort.
    g***les last move really sucks. Please, do take care of yourself.

    • 5th June 2017 at 1:38 pm

      Helen, what you write is utterly brilliant. I was unaware of the mention of the Kaiser. Oh boy. This is awesome. We must talk more. I was unaware of this BS being pushed by the Jews on the Germans. I’d like to know more about this story. This is very important. Thank you so much.

      • 5th June 2017 at 7:39 pm

        Hi Jan,

        this guy, his name is Werner Eichelburg, gets a lot of ridicule for his insistance on the Kaiser coming back. But he also has a large readership and as can I see in people’s comments on other platforms and the few online-papers which still have a comment section the seeds he has been busily planting have blossomed far and wide. (As an aside: most papers closed their comment section, or it’s just for registered readers, for subcribers, or the comment section is only open on articles about fluffy topics. The available comment sections are not to be underestimated as release valve for the very desperate people here. I’ve once read that only 20% of people can actually process bad news that are not yet hitting them directly between the eyes, and I reckon that in country this is about the percentage of the population that is aware and very frustated and angry. The same is probably true for Austria. Even though people there might be a bit more aware and more likely to be up in arms.)
        About the Eichelburg character I can say, that I had dealings with him when I was still in Vienna. This was mediated through a third party and through email, so I never actualy met the guy in person, but he was very strict about Israel and the jews. No critisicm, no bad word about them was allowed. Same goes for the Rothschilds, whom he adores. Eichelburg can very well be a jewish name, Vienna having a large jewish community (tribal quarters, rather!), and him being from Vienna, chances are that he is a jew.
        He has 3 basic enemies: Muslims, socialists and democrats. The very much pushes hatred againt Muslims and uses very derogativ vocabulary for all his hate objects.
        The story he tells is in short: he is the medium through which “hidden elites” (i.e. minions of the Rothschilds) inform him in briefings about what is going to happen in the near future. They tell him that a new Kaiser will arise, who singlehandedly – or with a little help of the Russians – will end the war with the muslims who will slaughter us all in our sleep. After this the survivors will enter into a new glorious epoch of restored monarchies all over Europe, with Germany being the center of this new shining world. The surviving democrats, socialists, non-submissive women (essentially: me), pensioners, and all people on social security of any kind will either be dead or led off to some place in Siberia (Vorkuta? some lead mines or something like that). And then he and all the guys who like him and have enough gold at their disposal will be the new aristocracy (like (all) Austrians, he totally keen on titles!), and all will be well for them. Fuck the rest of us.
        That’s essentialy it. Some portions of this story have similarities with the prophecies of a guy called Alois Irlmaier. Eichelburg does not allude to prophecy, but some elements are around anway, and so people who this appeals to in the first place, find even easier to believe in the nonsense.
        As I said there is ridicule and his former business partner has opended his own website, where he essentialy does the same thing minus the Kaiser. I’m not too sure whether they really went their seperate ways. But that’s not too important.
        I cannot say how many people avutally believe in this story as such, but I am certain that many people are so desperate that any hope will do for them. We are so overrun, that literally vereywhere you go, there’s a muslim or (worse for my part) a black. Even up here on my little Black Forset mountain, in my little 600 people village there are at least 10 of them. One, a Syrian, and he actually is a Syrian, is my direct neighbour in the house. And the borders are non-extstant, they told us that we are nothing but a piece of land to be filled with whoever wishes to live here. And they keep flooding in. Here in my area, the Northern Black Forest, Baden-Baden being the next landmark, it’s mainly blacks (and how I hate them!), who come via Switzerland. And as it is a very nice region and (formerly) prosperous, they stay. Heidelberg, I am told, has a substantial African quarter now. The preferential treatment of these “new citizens” in all maters social, financial, and legal/judicial is unbelievable (not so far from what you have there in SA). Those people who are aware, and who have to endure 80% of their fellow Germans behaving like complete lunatics, do grasp at evrey straw. Believe me, I have been there. Not that I believed in the story, but wanted the END to this NIGHTMARE so much, that I was willing to let this hope in.
        Personally, I think this country is already lost. I know you do not like this, but I cannot help thinking this way. I wanted to run, back to Vienna, where my husband lives, but found that I cannot leave, so I stay to bear witness and do what little I can do, that is essentially talk to each and everybody, trying to open them up to reality. That is what many people do. We have so little leeway in every respect that it would take a lot more of us to actually get any kind of meaningful resistance going. And I cannot see those kind of masses anywhere out there.
        Anyway, that’s all for now. if you have any specific questions, please ask. It’s a lot easier to answer to a question than doing this kind of write-up (plus I am struggling with the language).
        Again, do take care of yourself.
        Regards, Helene (with an “e”)


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