Video: VERY IMPORTANT: Suidlanders: Is Simon Roche a Scam artist defrauding Whites?


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MelVe is the person who “launched” Simon Roche of the Suidlanders in 2017 and made his name know to people outside South Africa.

MelVe runs the Conscious Consumer Network. She is a Afrikaans South African woman now living in Europe. She works with Karin Smith in the USA and between them they do excellent work trying to help people, especially people in South Africa.

She does quarterly audits of the projects for which she collects public funds. In February 2018 she approached Simon Roche and asked him for feedback on monies collected. His original goal had been to collect US$10 million for the Suidlanders who apparently are trying to save the whites of South Africa from imminent mass slaughter.

What followed was an exchange of 2 emails from MelVe, one from the popular Canadian journalist Faith Goldy and Simon Roche.

In this video I explain how I obtained copies of these emails and how this led me to making contact with MelVe. I interview MelVe and ask her what she thought of Simon Roche’s answer.

What Melve has to say is very devastating indeed. Listen to the end. You’ll be shocked.

I published the emails under this title: VERY IMPORTANT: Suidlanders: Simon Roche: 4 Emails regarding money collected in the USA – MelVe & Faith Goldy – LAST CHANCE! –

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