EXCELLENT: How Duke Albert of Saxony punished a bullshitting Jew appropriately!

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[Now this is a great story from history. It comes from the book the Crimes of Christianity and it details how a Jewish bullshit artist tried to con the Duke of Saxony, and got his appropriate reward! This is a rare instance of a Jew getting what he actually deserves. This happens so rarely … far too rarely. Note this comes from Luther, the Christian reformer who was responsible for Protestantism. He changed from a guy who was friendly to Jews (like me) to one who HATED them with a deep passion and said he’d spend the rest of his life working against them! Few Christians realise the hatred that Luther developed for Jews once he was on to them! Jan]

A Beautiful Tale from Crimes of Christianity

The Reformation did little to alleviate the condition of the Jews. Luther frequently spoke of them with hatred. In his Table Talk he says:

“There are sorcerers among the Jews, who delight in tormenting Christians, for they hold us as dogs. Duke Albert of Saxony well punished one of these wretches. A Jew offered to sell him a talisman covered with strange characters, which he said effectually protected the wearer against any sword or dagger thrust. The duke replied: ‘I will essay thy charm upon thyself, Jew,’ and putting the talisman round the fellow’s neck, he drew his sword and passed it through his body538.”

538  Table Talk, dccclxii. (Bohn). See also Buckle’s Posthumous Works, vol. ii., p. 68

Excerpted from: Crimes Of Christianity By G. W. Foote And J. M. Wheeler; p. 304.


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