Video: The Last Shopping Mall Hope for White America: Donald Trump announces 2024 re-election run for president – Why this is good – My Comments

[Well, I'm actually glad to see Trump in action, even though Trump has DESTROYED the GOP and turned it multi-racial. The White Right must give up on Trump as the saviour for Whites. Trump is busy with his own stuff, and as we've seen, he buggers off in his own direction. Here is what is GOOD about this. Trump draws the ire of the Jews/Liberals/Elite. Trump plays at the highest level. The White Right has far to go to get there. But Trump draws tremendous heat. Now, given Trump's failures, whether he can actually get in and win in 2024 – I am skeptical. If he can get in and win AGAIN, with all this election fraud going on – I'd be AMAZED. But it does not matter. Trump draws BIG FLAK from the BIG PLAYERS. He's the last hope of the Shopping Mall people. He's already done a hideous thing by making the GOP multiracial. But people are clinging to him and hanging on to their weaknesses. He might keep the Democrats out but he's not going to save White America. The White Right, the Alt Right must continue on building its base, one White mind at a time. We must build our base, our leaders, etc. REST ASSURED THESE PEOPLE WILL BE NEEDED. The shopping mall mentality will fail. But it's what Whites do when they're too weak to do what is really needed. South Africa was like this too. Ultimately we need HITLER. Trump is NOT HITLER. But Hitler's will come. Keep on at it. Remember Oswald Spengler's prediction that Caesars will arise in this century. Trump is NOT a Caesar. I had hoped he would be. But he's far from it. Jan]

Here’s the video where Trump says this:

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