IMPORTANT: S.Africa: Blacks can’t take Lockdown any more – Army & Blacks fighting – 1 black killed

I check in from time to time with a Zimbabwean I know. He lives in Alexandria township in the north of Johannesburg. Its very cramped over there. It should be a good spot for COVID-19 to spread.

He told me that the blacks can’t take this lockdown and more. They are sick and tired of being kept in lock down, and they are fighting with the Army. (I had suspected that the army was there mainly to control the blacks because they will break the lockdown. And I have also see film footage of more and more blacks going into supermarkets and stealing like crazy.

The Govt also issued a total ban on sales of cigarettes and liquor during lockdown, and as I suspected the blacks can’t handle that. 3 weeks of lockdown and the blacks are beginning to lose it.

The whites meanwhile are taking it in their stride, though I think, not being allowed to walk your dog or even cycling or exercising or going outside is also pissing whites off. I see the odd white going out of their gates on odd days.

The whole lockdown is totally stupid anyway. But the army and the blacks fighting and we’ve only had 3 1/2 weeks of lockdown, should show that this isn’t going to last. They don’t care anymore and they’re becoming ever more lawless AGAINST THE GOVT.

This lockdown is thus a very valuable exercise.

So if the army has killed one black in Alexandria, then the question is: How many other fights have broken out between the blacks and the Army/Police.

The lockdown has been a FASCINATING EXERCISE – totally unique for South Africa and I’m making mental notes of various interesting points that are of use in this for white survival in the future.

The Government thus has its hands full just trying to keep the blacks in lockdown.

The blacks have also been caught selling cigarettes illegally. And I am sure there was a huge black market going on with cigarettes and liquor during this time.

The idea of keeping lockdown going for months is therefore out of the question. The Govt has said that they will begin easing off on lockdown starting the end of the month but that some restrictions will remain in place for long. However, we don’t know exactly how they will ease up on it.

I will say, that our black Jewish President, Ramaphosa, has definitely made the most unpopular move in South African history. Its backfiring beautifully on the Govt.

I’m loving it. And if COVID-19 is any type of threat, I don’t think the blacks give a flying f*ck about it.

Blacks can easily be OPENLY LAWLESS and they won’t care even if the Police and Army come at them. They’ll argue with them. So this is going very sour, very quickly.

I like it all. As I’ve said: DIVERSITY DOES NOT WORK WELL AT ALL!!!!

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