Corona Virus: The 911 of the 2020s: Biden: Mobilise the Military… we are at WAR with a Virus!


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[Here we have echoes of 911. Remember the fake “war on terror”, which was a cover story in order to kill Muslims and the enemies of Israel? Well, here is Biden telling us the US Military needs to be mobilied… we're “at war with a virus”. Really?

The White Scientists are scratching their heads saying … there are HUNDREDS of viruses that cause the FLU… many of which we've not even had a chance to study … why is ONE VIRUS the problem when there is not even any real SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that it causes the illness or that it is even directly responsible for deaths. As a German expert pointed out you could test everyone for the corona virus and you'd get lots of false positives because there are 7-14% of people who have it. There is no proof that this thing is the cause, or that killing it is the solution. 
Everything about this smells and there's a Jewish game here too… 1.1 billion “Mass Media” articles about a virus that to date has killed less people than are killed in 2 days of car accidents in the world. Why all the hype and madness? 
Why the total destruction of economies, and the lock down of all of Europe for a virus that comes from China and was raging out of control there? 
Denmark is going to FORCE their population to be vaccinated for something that's not even proven. 
This has all the shades of SUPER MASS HYSTERIA of 911. “War on a virus”. If you want to wage a war on the virus why not find a real virus to wage war on that's scientifically proven to be a threat? 
The whole thing has a big Jewish rat smell to it. I am wondering if part of it was either to save China or to steal trillions from the stock markets or something. 
In this case, a particular concern for me is why is Europe being focused on? Is there an Anglo-Jew agenda against Europe? 
We will have to see what comes out of this. As someone with a long term view for our race, I remain firmly convinced that WHITES will come out and hunt for the truth and we're going to hear some creepy stories in the years to come. For now, we lack the information to know the real goal. 


div>But, “war on a virus” … everyone running around like headless chickens … strong smells of 911. Jan]

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