Excellent meme: German Ingenuity 1918 Vs 1945 – Do you still buy the Jewish Holocaust lie?

[This very simple comparison below will show you the utter ridiculous nature of the Jewish lies about the Germans. They compare German ingenuity and technology in 1918 versus the supposed holocaust. The door you see in the photo is one of the doors at Auschwitz where the Jews claim millions were murdered by the Germans. A pathetic wooden door like this cannot contain gasses. This is not the design you would need if you wanted to kill someone with gas – not to mention that there would be 2,000 people in the room (by Jewish accounts) – and would they not in panic or desperation to live be able to break the door or even the window and to survive? This shows you the bold BS nature of the Jewish claim at its finest. If you take the time to study the holocaust you’ll realise what blatant BS artists the Jews are. Yet, hundreds (at the least, perhaps thousands) of Germans and other Europeans have gone to jail over the “denial” of this enormous lie! The lie must be DESTROYED! Jan]

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