BRILLIANT: Alt-Right Vs National Socialism (NAZISM): Which values? What were Hitler’s GOALS???

[One of my supporters, Tinnelle, in New Zealand, spotted this brilliant article. I’m going to put some quotes here from the article, but otherwise I’m going to link to it so that you can study it more closely. It raises a number of points of difference. e.g. homosexuality. NS is against it. I agree. My view on homosexuality is that its actually an illness and science can cure it. Keeping it as a “lifestyle” is like allowing people to remain ill when in fact there is a medicine for them. There is no need to be tolerant of homosexuality. And homosexuals themselves, have shown what traitors they can be. Nixon mentioned that the final Emperors of Rome were all homosexuals.

Whites cannot co-exist with Jews and the Alt-Right is still way too overrun with Jews and Jew friendly. This article might seem to be “harsh” and “too radical” for whites, but I will still do a video explaining why all whites MUST become RADICAL. There are no ifs and buts about this. This is the only way forward. But I’ll explain it properly in a video.

Ethnostates are a MUST for whites. Everyone wants to get in to our successful ethnostates. This has been DESTROYING US for thousands of years actually! Its nothing new – also a topic we must return to. 

re: Hitler’s religion.
Hitler says he was accused of being an atheist, and he’s not. This I will agree with. My Boer NAZI pal said that Hitler believed in GOD. Leon Degrelle goes to tremendous lengths to explain this too. But I doubt Hitler was an actual Christian. You can believe in GOD without being a Christian. This is an important point. Leon Degrelle’s explanation of Hitler believing in God is extremely important since he had first-hand discussions with Hitler about this. Hitler did not cite scriptures as the reason for believing in GOD. He cited science and nature as his reasons. Degrelle then portrays Hitler as a Roman Catholic, but I doubt it. There’s nothing in Hitler’s actual words to him that indicate Hitler was actually Christian himself. However the NAZIS practised a policy called: Positive Christianity – meaning they were friendly and supportive of Christians.

The quote from Savitri Devi (below) is dead on the money. This is something that I realised for myself. You don’t become a National Socialist … you discover that you were always one without knowing it! This is DEAD ON THE MONEY. Its not a voting choice. Its about what you actually are.

NB: I also have a problem with the way Andrew Anglin defined Alt-Right as “American Nationalism”. Whites should realise that “Nationalism” in the form its been practised for centuries (while being thoroughly infiltrated and manipulated by the Jews) is really DYING and we need to go in the direction of NS. That direction is totally RACIAL and we need WHITE RACE-BASED STATES working together. Ideally, a White Racial Empire. Hitler was recreating the Roman Empire. This is the direction whites need to move in. This is exactly what he was trying to do: Build a Roman Empire, for the White Race only.  What Hitler was doing was HUGE! It was about racial unity, racial goals, etc. Leon Degrelle himself said: We were dreaming of something GREAT! EXACTLY! They weren’t mucking around with nonsense. They were out to do ENORMOUS things.

I paraphrase Degrelle, but he said something like this: We aren’t here to bicker over the price of tomatoes in different countries. We were dreaming of something GREAT! Europa! We will return to these topics.

Even though Hitler did not start WW2, he knew from the outset that he must defend Germany, and have Allies. Never forget this map of the Third Reich’s Empire and Allies in 1942: This is the direction we whites must follow in again. Also, in the original 20 points of the NAZIs, Hitler wanted Colonies! This was about building a magnificent new Roman Empire for Whites (Aryans):

Remember in the above that Spain was also friendly to them. Jan]

Here are some quotes and highlights from the article, along with the link at the bottom:-






See these Richard Spencer quotes about homosexuality. This is a problem:



This quote by Rudolf Hess is very interesting. Frederick the Great had no interest in religion. But he was a king who allowed his people many choices. He even allowed them to say anything the hell they wanted against him!  It didn’t change him, but he allowed it. And religion was something he allowed his people to do with as they pleased. He was a brilliant King and he’s a topic we’ll return to.


Here is an example of a Jew being the pure rubbish that Jews are. They are totally different to us whites. We need to realise this:


This fascinating table compares the Alt-Right with National Socialism. At the link they explain it in more detail:

Lets, for the sake of clarity:

Compare & Contrast the “Alt Right” vs, National Socialism on 12 Key Issues

Alt Right                                                    National Socialism

Race:                                 NO defined position                                    Clear policy(s) on Race

Who is White:                “If it looks & Acts White”(1)                   Genes determine White

Economics:                       No Policy(s)                                         Detailed Policies /Anti Usury

Family:                            Pro Family                                                  Pro Traditional Family

Jews:                              Jews participate(2)                                   Recognizes Jewish Problem

Environment:             Conflicting                                                  Pro Environmental

Homosexuality:          Gay Friendly (3)                                        Opposes Homosexuality

Religion:                        Conflicting (4)                                            Overtly Pro Christian

Foreign Policy:            Non Interventionist                                  Non Interventionist

Immigration:              Opposes Illegal (5)                                      Opposes all

Class/Community:       American Individualism(6)               Embraces Social Cohesion

Ethno State:                   Divided (7)                                                   Bedrock Principle

You can read the whole article here:

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