Video: Flying Failures: The early days of brave White European pioneering of aircraft technology

[Don't just write off the things our race does as "Failures". Keep in mind that our people were leading the charge. Our race were the ONLY people on the planet trying to figure out how to fly. We were the brains and were the ones who RISKED OUR OWN LIVES IN PIONEERING this amazing, insanely awesome achievement. Look at it, and see it clearly for what it was. Don't just write off "White failure". Look at everyone else, sitting on their asses doing nothing and the Jews sneaking around behind the scenes trying to make money out of everything while it is Whites who conceive advanced technical things and dare to build it, dare to debug it's problems and then RISK THEIR LIVES trying to do the impossible … and, er, we manage to do the IMPOSSIBLE. This short video is of things that went wrong and were "failures". But see it for what it is … amazing White creativity and bravery. And remember … MANY DIED OR WERE BADLY INJURED AS WE, the prime race on this planet pioneered our way forward … doing the IMPOSSIBLE. Some of the ideas are obviously going to fail. Some of it is funny, but some of it is insanely DANGEROUS. Just look at some of those rotors. I especially like the vehicle with 4 freaking massive rotors that actually flies – the big weird helicopter! Wow! Even some of the ideas that fell apart, look at how much work went into it. Jan]

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