IMPORTANT: UKRAINE WAR: European analysis: Ukrainian Waffen SS fought for Hitler – Putin’s personal Jews


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This is a quick note. I had a very long discussion with a European I know well in Eastern Europe. He can read and understand Russian and Ukrainian and he’s been looking deeply into the war, along with a German who was also digging into it.

I asked him a lot of hard questions, and he answered me.

There is no doubt in my mind any more that the Ukrainians are Whites who are fighting for their own country. And there definitely are Ukrainian NAZIS. Not that many. But we do have true racial people there.

In fact 2 Waffen SS units were formed out of Ukrainians and they fought for Hitler. After WW2 they fought the Russians for their independence and lost.

Putin has lots of Jews around him too. Putin might be one of the richest people on the planet. Putin might be a multi-billionaire.

Putin is busy with his dream of bringing the old Communist Soviet Union back to life. There have been Russian tanks and vehicles filmed with Soviet Union, Hammer and Sickle flags on them!

There are also Ukrainian Flags with Swastikas on them.

Putin’s internal propaganda inside Russia is speaking a lot about "denazification". That his goal is to denazify Ukraine.

The Biolabs story is irrelevant junk. A biolab is minor stuff. No threat to Russia.

I will be getting the full, proper European analysis out. We did record a show, but I’m concerned that the recording might have failed. If so, then we’ll have to do it again. But we had a discussion over 3 1/2 hours long.

The real issue is that Putin has been planning his moves for the unification of the USSR for a long time. He seized Crimea, for example, a few years ago from Ukraine.

He thought it would just be more of the same.

There is no question that the Ukrainians have been fighting hard against the Russians and giving them a lot of trouble.

Russia is multicultural. Russia is DIVERSE. In fact, in Russia, they have even said that Muslims who can speak Russian will be regarded as Russians. It seems that in Russia they are trying to find a way to merge Christianity and Islam so that both those religions can coexist side by side.

Putin is NOT there to defend Whites. He has his own multi-racial Empire. His diversity is a White/Asian/Christian/Muslim and even some other ethnic groups thrown together.

If you are looking to see which group is the most "white" and "white nationalist", it is definitely the Ukrainians. There definitely are Hitler-Loving, White-racial people there. They might not be the majority, but they do exist for real. They even have a hero from WW2, who was their NAZI leader.

Putin has key people in very high positions who are JEWS. One of those Jews owns a factory that produces some of the weapons the Russians are using on the Ukrainians.

Ukraine has had Jews for a long time, just like Poland had. And Jews moved between Poland and Ukraine. So Ukraine is no worse than Poland.

So things are not perfect, but they are Whites who are defending their own nation and some of their military people were predicting in 2019 that Putin would likely strike in 2020-2022.

Putin is a diversity loving Communist, who is supported by the Orthodox Christian Church, but there is more to it than just that.

So that’s just a little bit of info from Europe after detailed discussions.

My European NAZI pals are CURSING the worthless, weak, pathetic, bag of shit NATO for not standing firmer on anything.

Apparently the only White man with any kind of balls was the French Minister of Defence, I think, who phoned the Russian Minister of Defence and told him: "You’re not the only people in the region with Nuclear weapons!!!".

So the French have some balls and have sent their own warning to Putin.

The Russians are also lying about many things. They are also telling very blatant lies. And they have their own paid shills and disinformation agents.

So the notion that Putin is some kind of saviour is not true.

RenegadeTribune published a link to a video where Putin praised diversity. This is totally true. Putin is NOT pro-White. And in his internal propaganda, he’s telling Russians that he is busy with denazification. In other words, he is wiping out the "NAZIS" (what few there are) in Ukraine. I think he even said that he will use the utmost brutality against them.

He also said something in a very disgusted tone about "anti-semites". So don’t think Putin is Jew free, and White loving. Russia enacted HOLOCAUST LAWS I think in recent years. That alone should show you that he is close in with Jews.

I have the names of some of his top Jewish advisors. Names I had never heard before. I looked up their details and yes, some of Putin’s closest pals are bonafide Jews. I will publish their details.

Putin is a Jew tool just like all the other worthless bags of crap in the west like Biden, Boris, Trudeau, and the rest of the herd of bags of shit that run the West. The one is a bigger piece of shit than the next.

Putin also said he would take 72 hours to capture Kiyv. So his whole plan is falling apart for real.

REMEMBER: THE HOLODOMOR: The Jewish Bolsheviks, started several million White Ukrainian farmers to death.

It seems Putin is a big admirer of Stalin.

Also Ukraine is very rich in terms of resources and they discovered gas there recently.

So Putin is not some angel from heaven who has come to save Whites. We’re still on our own.

ALSO: Some American Christians are now crying out to help 200,000 of the 500,000 Ukrainian Jews. I could have puked when I saw that. I was so disgusted. I even wrote a sharp letter to them about that saying that it is DISGUSTING to just ask for support for Jews. This is a rerun of the Bolshevik Revolution, WW2, etc. The worthless Jewish crybabies are already busy scamming Whites.

Keep in mind that in Poland, at it’s peak, 10% of its population was Jewish. So the Jew scum float around those eastern parts of Europe I’m afraid.

Also, 16 Black African countries have refused to condemn Putin’s actions. A few years ago, Putin met with the leaders of 35 Black African nations. And as I’ve mentioned Putin is a buddy of the Blacks and the Russians happily armed the Blacks in Africa to kill the Whites.

Putin’s dream is to bring back the Soviet Union. At heart he is just a KGB officer with dreams of the grandeur of the Soviet Union.

In South Africa, former President Zuma has come out in full force saying he stands by Putin. And Zuma is a full on Communist.

So that should show you where things stand in this mess.

ALSO: The Ukrainians and Russians may have similarities, but they also have significant differences. The Ukrainian language is actually quite different to Russian according to my Bulgarian friend who can read and understand both Russian and Ukrainian.

The Ukrainians have indeed been putting up a very unexpected fight. They use good, solid, modern small unit infantry tactics. They fight well, and they’ve given the Russian serious problems.

They would probably have stopped the Russians dead in their tracks if the West and NATO weren’t the bunch of pussies that they are. My European friends are totally disgusted with NATO.

So that’s some feedback for you.

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