S.Africa: Today 183 years ago … the Boers slaughtered Zulus at the Battle of Blood River

This is a quick note that today is the anniversary of the Battle of Blood River when the Boers managed to get into a revenge battle with the Zulus. I’ll repost one of my past videos from that.

But Blood River was by no means the only fight, or even the most important racial fight.

It was revenge because the Zulus had already slaughtered the Boer leader, Retief and had engaged in a mass attack on Boers in Natal.

This was just the beginning of Boer revenge … and it was very successful. The Boers went on to even overthrow the Zulu King and install their own Zulu puppet. This happened in a Zulu Civil war that the Boers started.

It was definitely one of the finest moments of the Boers. But it really was REVENGE… And it was excellent.

In America, Whites fought their own race wars against the Indians and crushed them too.

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