Was Hitler a Christian? What Leon Degrelle said about Hitler’s belief in God and Intelligent Design


Here is an exchange between some readers, and I want to add in my thoughts:

Stefan: wrote:
Good stuff-I don’t think he was for Christianity, though, either.

1:06 p.m., Saturday Nov. 21

Raymond wrote:
He was brought up as Christian, and some of the brain washing stuck. Just like all the shit stated in the story above, even when people swallow the "red pill" and learn the truth about Hitler and WW2, they will always have some nagging little doubt in the back of their head. Like the b/s six million etc.

He was a thinking man, a man who used logic, so naturally he wouldn’t remain a full blown Christian.
Anymore than he could have become a communist, that’s for ignorant gullible people.

My own views on the above is that I agree.

There is actually no way in hell that Hitler was a Christian. Leon Degrelle, whom I have great respect for and I really like him, went to great lengths to portray Hitler as a Catholic. I like Degrelle a lot and much of what he wrote about Hitler and the Germans was utterly fantastic. One argument that Degrelle made about Hitler, which sticks in my mind, and I think it’s valid, is that Degrelle said to him that the universe was too complex for there not to be GOD! So Hitler was open to the idea of something greater. HOWEVER, that does NOT mean that Hitler believed in the Bible or Christianity. Just because you believe God might exist does NOT automatically make you a believer in the Bible. Degrelle stated this as a result of the week that he spent with Hitler. He told of this view that Hitler had. And I think this is something we must keep in mind.

But Degrelle never said that Hitler quoted the Bible or read the Bible. He looked at the universe and life and said that there had to be a Creator. I, for a long time, have also had that view, though, I’m abandoning even that. So you could say that Degrelle was arguing that Hitler was a believer in Intelligent Design.

If you look at his table talk though, Hitler was very disgusted with Christianity, ESPECIALLY the way that Christianity tended to support and turn to communism. That disgusted him.

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