Video: #TeamWhite: Alex Linder & Jan – Year End Roundup of 2017


Right-Click here to download the Video

Alex and Jan discuss the events in South Africa and the USA. What happened in 2017 and what are our views on it? Alex discusses Donald Trump and the many issues around him. What about the WALL? Jan discusses the #BlackMonday as well as the 2 other rallies, one by Afriforum and the other by Vonk (pronounced Fonk) who were going to get 50,000 whites to protest at the Union buildings (Parliament) in Pretoria.

We also discuss Africa and why whites need to conquer and settle Africa. In this discussion I also give my views on the middle class and poor whites and why they will get it in the neck and why they will have to fight for their lives, especially in South Africa. I also explain to Alex why I think some of the rich whites should be KILLED!

Don’t miss our discussion. We chatted about a LOT of things!

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