Video: #TeamWhite: Alex Linder & Jan – Year End Roundup of 2017


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Alex and Jan discuss the events in South Africa and the USA. What happened in 2017 and what are our views on it? Alex discusses Donald Trump and the many issues around him. What about the WALL? Jan discusses the #BlackMonday as well as the 2 other rallies, one by Afriforum and the other by Vonk (pronounced Fonk) who were going to get 50,000 whites to protest at the Union buildings (Parliament) in Pretoria.

We also discuss Africa and why whites need to conquer and settle Africa. In this discussion I also give my views on the middle class and poor whites and why they will get it in the neck and why they will have to fight for their lives, especially in South Africa. I also explain to Alex why I think some of the rich whites should be KILLED!

Don’t miss our discussion. We chatted about a LOT of things!

5 thoughts on “Video: #TeamWhite: Alex Linder & Jan – Year End Roundup of 2017

  • 3rd January 2018 at 12:02 am

    I really don’t understand, why you still get worked up about “the old German lady” Ursula Haverbeck. She’s a jewish shill, just like Mahler and Stolz. If any of them actually – physically – went to jail, please call me Adolf. The whole thing is just a lot of hot air, a sow driven through the village, to keep up the fear to question what may not be questioned in this country.

    • 3rd January 2018 at 5:27 pm

      Thank you. That was my gut feeling for a long time!

  • 2nd January 2018 at 7:53 pm

    I find it suspicious that Linder is complicit with the Trump savior false narrative. Of all people, Linder should know Trump “supports Israel 100%”, not to mention every one of Trumps children except his teenage boy are married to or dating Jews, and Linder doesn’t know this!? No, I think Linder knows this and has no objection to it. I had a bad feeling about Linder prior to witnessing this.

    Linder also spews what I regard as relatively extreme and unprofessional hate terms against Blacks and I suspect Jews incite more hatred between Blacks and Whites than reality supports, just like the irrational antagonism cultivated in women lured into the “Feminism” Psy-op. I assure that there is a male equivalent that is promoting hatred against women. These Jews in the “dating”, and especially the “pick up artist” industries are luring White males by criticizing “Feminism”, then inciting the males to treat the women as the Talmud calls for, “A piece of meat”. Jews are behind the problem, and are pretending to offer the solution to the problem they caused, which is really provoking even more hostile division.

    Christianity is relevant, not taking fruit from the forbidden tree of knowledge may be a metaphor for not taking self-destructive knowledge from a Jew infested society, and sticking to the principles of your family and traditions. Forgiveness of your people solves the antagonism resulting from the Jews divide and conquer TM strategy. This may be why the Talmud calls for the “extermination of Christianity”.

    The Christian Bible has suffered from illegitimate alterations though and again needs reformation, yet remains mostly a powerful tool against forces of “The Synagogue of Satan”.

    • 3rd January 2018 at 5:25 pm

      Feminism is psychological rabies created by Jews. MGTOW is a defensive reaction of men , to openly men hostile legal system and full spectrum men bashing propaganda. Both sexes should see trough that trap and unite fighting the real enemy. For that they have to be aware of the Jewish problem. 60-80% of feminists and MGTOWs won’t do it and will continue chasing their tails. We are losing more people trough psychological warfare than with any armed conflict.

  • 2nd January 2018 at 12:23 am

    Stop draining your energy/distract yourself with false hope Trump. Build the wall? Nonsense. Move 50 drones to the border and you have 24/7 fully automated surveillance system, that can monitor 5-10Km into Mexican territory, for fraction of costs. The system will even calculate optimal route for pick-up team :). Give them a hot meal, fingerprint them and send them back! Oh and next time we won’t be so nice…
    Just one example of distraction. For the rest of topics, I pretty much agree. Good show. Thank you Jan and Alex for 2017 wrap up.


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