Are their weird, creepy & even CRIMINAL rituals to join the Elite and the Jews?


One of my supporters in North America was telling me about rumours that Biden had to have people killed in order to move up the ranks. I won’t repeat the actual rumour and I can’t comment. However, I have posted many articles about my believe that in order to enter the ranks of the Elite and in order to hobnob with the top Jews, that you have to engage in weird stuff. To me it seems as if BOY SEX and paedophilia is a definite requirement.

I do have a video by a guy called John Roberts who talks once a year. He is an old guy and he talks about some of the weird stuff. I’ve not watched the video yet. But my supporter sent these comments in a note:- That is what has been said.
Did you watch the video with John Roberts

They compromise these men

They need to rape a child and then shoot it.
On tape so they will obey forever

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