Video: Did Trump have sex with this 13 year old? Victim of Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump provides testimony of her ordeal

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[There is no doubt that this woman HAS A RAW AGENDA AGAINST TRUMP. She makes that clear later in the show. Was she a TOTAL VICTIM? I don't think so. She clearly did have sex and did sexual things for quite some time FOR MONEY. I don't know how long she worked for the Jew paedophile Epstein, but it was quite a while – months at least. And she seems to have had a White lady who was her "pimp" who is also willing to testify in court. But listen to what she describes regarding the personalities of Trump and Epstein. I think there is some inside knowledge there. THE POINT IS THAT TRUMP AND EPSTEIN WERE HAVING SEX WITH UNDER AGE GIRLS. That's the fact. Notice also that the Jew Epstein loves anal sex. You'll find that Jews and anal sex have quite a linkage. It's something I've noticed quite a bit. Jews are creepy and abnormal and weird. I think some things from what she says are true. This is NOT all just a fantasy in her head. I have pondered the weird aspects of her claims that they scared her, claiming they would kill her or her family. I find that quite disgusting, but it may be true. Jan]

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