Video: The (((Elite))) are frightened by Alt-Right’s powerful memes & coded political language

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[This is a short, but fascinating video about the status of the meme wars between whites and the (((elite))), and the incredible power of the memes. The memes are so powerful that the elite can’t even twist them and use them against us, because it would fail.

We whites are being forced to learn how to communicate with each other and how to transmit messages, either overtly or covertly. In this analysis, our covert means is seen as being uniquely powerful and the (((elite))) can’t even come close to matching it. We’re at a Ph.d level, they are at a kindergarten level.

I do think we whites will become and incredible power, just through words alone. But we have many skills including martial skills, and ALL OUR RACIAL SKILLS MUST BE HONED TO A FINE LEVEL OF EXCELLENCE! WE HAVE ENEMIES TO SMASH.

They may have smashed for now, but the WAR is far from over! Jan]

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