Black Crime is worse in London than New York – Britain is almost LOST TO WHITES – Reader’s comments


[A reader who was in London in 2005, wrote this. I cut off the rest of his comments when he went into Biblical stuff. But these comments below are interesting and otherwise, excellent insight. Jan]

The reader wrote:

I was there in 2005, I was pretty much shocked. I was in SW London & in many of those areas, when I climbed on a bus everyone, EVERYONE from the bus driver to the passangers were from 3rd world countries. I got on the bus & was the only pale male.

I thought back then (now 15 years ago) that within 1 generation London will be gone. 1 Generation, so within 10 years 2030 is the crux of the situation. Its the final countdown. Within 10 years, London + sourrounding areas of up to 14-20 miles around it, will majority non-white. The whites in London are now a minority.

The British whites are a minority of the minority. The biggest problem all white countries face is the propoganda & media in those countries. What makes Europe, mainly Britain the worst is the bad weather forcing people indoors where they are force fed a disasterous diet of misinformation combined with cultural marxist indoctronation.

If that wasnt bad enough, the schools are the worst & e ven worse are universities. At this rate, unless something drastic happens in the UK, it will sink. It is not immune. History has proven time & time again from the days of Babylon, when whites mix, they vanish.

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