From Willis Carto: The Crimes of the Evil Jewish Billionaire Soros

To all Friends of Willis Carto February l, 2023

The continuing bad news afflicting our educational system is the most disturbing trend with no end in sight. Schools are now mostly open for business; however, the news is much worse than pre-Covid I believe. 1.4 million school age children have not returned to their previous assigned schools. Parents that can afford school choice have taken their children out of the system. It is urgent to stop the Teacher’s Union subversive leadership from contaminating the children entrusted to them. A strong movement for removal of children from the public school system has to be supported fully by all families. The history of teaching subversion by importing leftwing “educators”, graduates of the infamous Frankfort School, started from the l920’through WW2 and continued for many years. Financed since the early days by millionaires like Felix Weil to George Soros today (Geörgy Schwartz,he changed his name}. Soros is not the only culprit, however, he donated $40 million to US District Attorney candidates nationwide running for office. These men and women destroy lawful prosecution of criminals by simply refusing to charge them for their crimes. The author of a recent book entitled “The Man behind the Curtain”, Matt Palumbo, exposing Soros when asked “WHY” is Soros so destructive , he only said one word : Evil.

A few years ago, a friend, Dr A. H Krieg, sent me his own accumulation of Soros misdeeds as follows:

Betrayal of societies is not a new event, in fact it is a relatively common happening. However, those who betray societies and nations, are most commonly of the same tribe and persuasion. There are those who will disagree with that fact and to those ends let us examine the facts. A short list of American traitors follows: John Abt, Solomon Alder, Lidia Altschuler, Thomas Babin, Marion Bachrach, Rudi Baker, Joel Barr, Theodor Bayer, George Beiser, Aleksander Belenky, Cedrick Belfrage, Joseph Brtger, Joseph Bernstein, Walter Bernstein, and we are only up to B from there to Z are 51 more; including Jonathon Pollard, the most damaging and prolific spy in history, against America and for Israel. Pollard stole over 500,000 pages of naval American self-defense secrets, that the Mossad sanitized and then sold to the Soviets. With friends like these you don’t need any enemies!

Sadly, many who betray us are idolized by the public as financial guru billionaires. One of these is Geörgy Schwartz who changed his name to George Soros. He could, at any time, be deported, for lying on his citizenship application, he never revealed that he was employed by the Nazi SS in the 40’s where he betrayed Jews for a percentage of the take, when they were deported to concentration camps. (Try for a copy of 60-minutes Soros Interview now pulled) Geörgy in the interview says; “It was the best time on my life” What an absolute bastard!

Geörgy through his OSF (Open Society Foundation) finances over 300 anti-American and anti-Freedom, anti-Christian, anti-White organisations. If it’s queer, or anti-American, or opposed to republican government, anti-White, you may be sure that OSF is somehow financially involved. 2020 OSF budget is: progressive practices $140.5M, early childhood indoctrination $22.4M, economic governance & advancement [to socialism] $136.7M, equal and anti-discrimination $11.5M, Health rights (universal one payer healthcare) $47.2M, higher education [funding left wing professors] $53.3M, human rights [Black Lives Matter, Antifa, etc.] $77.3M, information and digital rights [Facebook, You Tube etc censorship] $16.2M, Journalism [progressive socialiste only] $25.8M, justice reform and rule of law [changing law and justice] $74.0M, Cross Thematic ?? $497.7M total 2020 budget $1B, $209M reserves $118.9M operations $277.8M. This begs the question what sort of people run this operation? George Soros, his son Alexander, Patrick Gaspard pres., Leonard Benardo VP, Joan Chao-Kreilick Exec. Gail Scovell Gen Counsel Laura Silber Communications officer, Greg Taylor Global operations director.

These rats operate in 120 nations and since 1979, undermining democratic processes, while claiming the exact opposite. To change Europe, Soros founded the Central European University in 1991, with just 100 students, today they have 1,500, whose brains are being washed with socialist/communist crap. Campuses are in Vienna and Budapest.

The Prime Minister of Hungary, Victor Orban, closed down the Soros University in 2018 and banned Soros from the country.

Please click here to read an introduction by Willis Carto for this item which he wrote in 1957, well ahead of our time but certainly pertinent. The Dogma of Marxist religion.

Also, Dr. Max Rafferty’s excellent article

He was Superintendent of the Calif. school system. Copied from the l970s, wish he were here now.

Best wishes to all!

Elisabeth Carto

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