Jewish Britain’s love of UKIP – Hating Germans & loving Israel, Commies & fags…

[One of my readers posted these comments. I have a tremendous dislike of UKIP myself. All I will differ with this same reader, is on another comment where he attacked the BNP. That's wrong. The original BNP was started by a British man who himself had been a National Socialist (NAZI) decades before. John Tyndall, is the original founder of the BNP. I have a lot of respect for him. He is a rare Brit with balls, and sadly, by the time he founded the BNP he was pretty old. But he was still brilliant. The BNP was rocking and in my view was well on its way to winning, when some things went wrong. I will never say bad things about the BNP because it was going to save England. However, it was also tripped up, etc. Then finally, in come the Jews and stockbrokers with UKIP and that is the final nail in the coffin. Jan]

These were the comments by the reader:

Ray, the morons of UKIP were worried about speaking German…a few years ago, some subhuman patriotards got into a fight in Victoria and threw a fire extinguisher at a NS Englander and gashed his skull, so I read…Asian rapists they tolerate but Anglo NS, no, says their Rabbi Mirvis

The cretin Farage,who falls out of vehicles who goads the EU Reds about being sneaky goosesteppers while being a Commiewealth Red himself.

A stockbroker for a leader…in the past the Britards have elected Boylover Heath, in the Churchillock trad, a pervert and several Jews and now Rav Boris Kemal,who likes pink cowboy hats, another Churchuphill-Gardener fan, and strengthens his kehillat Britainistan, with two brownie kommissars to run the UK gulag for the Anglo goyim, busy at football or jeering Hitler.

The same cretin electors fell for gun disposal after the scam attacks up north and have fallen for every scam from Ozone hole scam to the Rainbow scam, to the Climate scam to the C orona scam and now BLM Red scam, all Commie Juden scams…the English are the absolute bane of the Euro race.

They did nothing about Asian orcs abducting blonde girls for orgies for decades except arrest the fathers an rubbish like the NF and BNP fly Israeli Masonic flags at very march and meet…they make the Afro’s they worship, look cleverer than they are.Who are cleverer, as that not hard.

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