Why won’t America stand up for herself? what would have put millions in the street noly a generation ago, barely holds our attention anymore. Why is the country, once a country which possessed courage and conviction , now sitting idly while allowing itself to be taken to the slaughter without so much as a whimper? Many psychoogists including myself, believe the reoot of answer is globalist-induced learned helplessness.

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  1. America has lost almost 60% of its small businesses with no end sight in the midst of lockdown procedures which did nothing to mitigate the spread of a virus.
  2. Small businesses were assassinated by the government in favor of box store, campaign-giving box stores that experienced record profits.
  3. The First Amendment is dead in America. Any political opposition is met with allegations of racism and the deplatforming and the loss of jobs happens to people who date question anything.
  4. America has witnessed the biggest book burning exercise since the Nazis did it almost 90 years with social media censorship. Remember, where they burn books, they will soon burn people.
  5. It is now considered racism to put America first above any globalism.
  6. It is now considered racism to play chess with black and white pieces. Social media sites for chess are being banned for this reason.
  7. It is now considered racism to support the Constitution.
  8. It is now considered racism to be White and not admit that one is a racist.
  9. The recently passed stimulus bill contains a loan provision that enables a farmer to obtain 120% of a requested federal load. However, White people need not apply. One is now considered a racist if one questions the racism contained the Democratic Party created law.
  10. It is both xenophobic and racists to ask for Covid health screenings at the border as an estimated 40,000 covid positive illegal immigrants have been released into the United States. And this is happening while much of the country’s citizens is still having their activities limited including the right to travel.
  11. The airlines are in the process of requiring mandatory vaccinations to fly, but illegal immigrants are increasingly being granted access to the country without restrictions. It is now considered racist to highlight this hypocrisy.
  12. A mother of a six-year-old had her child taken away because she dropped off her kid without wearing a facemask.
  13. The Democrats will not America be safer by the construction of the Wall. However, the Democrats can have a wall of their own surrounding DC along with their estimated 60,000 bodyguards paid at taxpayers expense.
  14. Bill Gates is insisting that we consume no meat and get out protein from eating bugs. The noise is deafening.
  15. Under the present administration the entire planet would be allowed to migrate to America and be granted entry and eventual citizenship.
  16. The stealers of the 2020 election are putting into law their election thieving ways in bills like HR 1. No election is safe.
  17. America did very little as the election was stolen. Key Republicans did even less.
  18. During the scamdemic, we allowed our houses of worship to be closed. Where’s Spartabus when you need him.
  19. Schools were closed, youth suicide skyrocketed as did drug abuse for all ages.
  20. The Chinese dictate what you can and cannot watch on TV.
  21. The Chicoms are using MS-13 to assassinate people who dare speak about CHICOM election-theft payoffs to key officials in Arizona and Georgia.
  22. Given his past history, Biden will undoubtedly try to hand total control of the country to China, we are almost there.
  23. The left has announced their intentions to take you guns. Do you know the history and pattern of 20th century genocide? It might behoove you to research this question and then you will realize how much danger you are really in.
  24. Your kids have no future in tomorrow’s economy. The economy is being systematically destroyed. The auto industry is down 5%. Your manufacturing jobs will be leaving soon. Retail collapsed in February. Online sales is dramatically less in the first two weeks of March. The economic collapse is underway.
  25. There are no plans to return to normal. We are seeing strategic retreats, but so-called mutant strains will for another kill-shot lockdown.

These 25 items are merely a small sample size for what is and what’s coming! Why has this happened? There are a variety of social psychological reasons behind America’s passivity. However, the one that jumps to the head of the class is a concept called “learned helplessness.”

Source: https://www.sgtreport.com/2021/03/why-wont-average-americans-defend-themselves-against-the-life-threatening-communist-tyranny-that-has-overtaken-the-country/

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