The War on Whiteness (& the 911 Jewish CRIME) – A White American lady comments…


[We exchanged quite a number of emails. I grow tired of the “we are on the edge of death drones… and when one takes the time to reply to them, they don't listen. Its most annoying. They don't LISTEN to anything that one tells them… I just don't waste my time.

Below is what another lady wrote, and what she wrote was also dismissed. But I appreciate her efforts and I think she's closer to the truth and she also thinks … its not the END … it is just the BEGINNING…. Jan]

The white lady wrote:-

“We are in the early stages of a war for White survival.” The war is “covert” so as not to awaken everyone. The masses have not been told openly, but can be seen by anyone still able to see. Look at the chemtrail skies, look at children autism rates, fluoride still in the water, GMO products for sale without labels, sex ed (soft porn) in our schools, notice heavy percentage of Congress and Supreme Court are jews, and more.

The crime of 911 was never investigated. The crime was a nation-wide trauma perpetrated on America. Trauma continues with the “mass shootings”, esp. school shootings. School shootings have slowed down, but the drills and “lock downs” continue traumatizing children.

Trauma weakens and softens up the victim for more abuse. IMO, the crime of 911 must be solved for the abuse to stop.

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