One interesting discovery that I have made in recent years as I study history, is that just like the way that the Jews deny and lie about events in European history, so too, are non-whites, who are "inheriting" White science and White technology and White history, going forward and PERVERTING what they are inheriting.

For example, months ago, in a #TeamWhite show Alex Linder and I did, I showed him photos from South Africa, from a magazine where a black scientist was saying there is no place for "racism" in science. He denied IQ, DNA, etc. But the fact is that this is unscientific. But not according to the black scientist.

However, I made an interesting discovery about the Aryans. I was looking a bit into the history of the Aryans, in preparation for future videos. And I as you know, the Aryans invaded India and they conquered it, and created the first Apartheid system, the caste system. Their apartheid system was actually brilliant and worked well for centuries. Very brilliant, creating a religion for the non-whites.

However, can you believe that it seems that Indian intellectuals DENY that these Aryans (Whites) actually invaded India!!! There is a whole set of literature, which seems to exist that fights against this notion and it appears to me to be from Indians!!

My suspicion, having observed the blacks in Africa, is that when non-whites have grabbed hold of "White Science" and its benefits, that with time, they will move further and further away from the deeply critical foundational requirements for science. Some races, will do so more easily than others. They will retain "science" and "history" but they will with time, deviate more and more away from the views of the European race!!!

In the very long term, this will be GOOD!!!!

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