VERY IMPORTANT: S.Africa: JEWISH CORRUPTION in Cape Town “Water crisis”: The Jewess Helen Zille is too much in love with the Jewish Mafia!

[That “white” woman you see above is the Communist Jewess, Helen Zille. She’s the biggest player in “white” South African politics. Whites should stop voting for this treasonous, white-hating scumbag and should STOP SUPPORTING THE WHITE HATING TREASONOUS JEWISH DA!!

This is quite incredible. The Cape province, which is huge, is run by the Communist Jewess Helen Zille. Most whites vote for this Jewish witch!

Now the Jews are always complaining about “corruption” but nobody ever points a finger to JEWISH CORRUPTION! The “DA” (Democratic Alliance) is the JEWISH FACE OF SOUTH AFRICAN POLITICS. Every leader of it for decades was a “white Jew”, until now when they put a black face on it in the form of Maimane who is married to a white woman.

It turns out that for what must be the first time ever, blacks have openly spoken about JEWISH CORRUPTION and the Jewish manufactured crisis and exploitation of the “water crisis” in Cape Town.

What is unsaid is that Cape Town’s population has tripled since black rule. But it seems the Jews are behind big moves to make HUGE MONEY from this “water crisis”. This was published in News24. It seems that the Jewess Helen Zille has not liked the coloured Cape Town Mayor Patricia De Lille! So the Jewess has been working against the coloured! Tut! Tut! All is not well in the Jewish multicultural world hey!? It seems the Jewess has been trying to knife the coloured in the back in the same way that they were knifing former President Zuma in the back!

Look at how the Jews are also crying racist when the blacks dare to say their say! NB: Tony Leon who headed the DA before Zille was also Jewish. South Africa’s Jews ALL love and support the DA! The DA is there as the representative of GLOBAL JEWISH BUSINESS INTERESTS! Its gone and fooled whites to voting for it, including the Jewish communist traitor Helen Zille who worked for our enemies during Apartheid. Jan]

‘Zille is too much in love with the Jewish mafia’ – ANC MPL

2018-02-23 16:39


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