[This is from an email that I wrote to some folks outside Africa, and it pertains to the Black Muslims who are surviving and defeating the black government in Mozambique, which was a former Portuguese colony. Jan]


You may remember my lecture in 2019, "50 Years of Race War in southern Africa", and the things I was describing to you about the feats the whites pulled off, and how the blacks are actually very incompetent, and that the reasons for them winning had to do with the massive support they got from the world.

Since then, I’ve done even more detailed research, especially into the Portuguese wars, which adds to what I presented in the lecture. e.g. I now have detailed figures on blacks slaughtered by the Portuguese civilians in their counter-genocide of the whites. But, also of great interest, was how the blacks, after attacking the Portuguese, in the attempt to physically drive the Portuguese out of northern Angola, how it was the Portuguese civilians who ended up driving the blacks out of northern Angola! The whites depopulated the area of BLACKS.

Now a topic I’ve not dealt on in detail, but I have hinted at it, and I did go across it briefly in the lecture, was the topic of how well the BLACKS can defend against an "insurgency" or "guerillas". We Whites are always myopic, in our view of these wars, and the South Africans, Rhodesians, Portuguese are always disembowelling themselves and depressing themselves with regard to WHY WE LOST THE INSURGENCY. And to this day, the whites, especially the Rhodesians, keep focusing on this notion of WHAT DID WE DO WRONG?

It’s like all the whites in the White Right who keep saying: Why did the Confederates lose … why did the Germans lose, etc. We keep beating ourselves up on WHY WE LOST, even when it is evident that we were massively outnumbered and massively overwhelmed. e.g. I was adding up the populations of the nations opposing Germany in WW2, and Germany faced enemies whose total populations exceeded that of the Germans by 10:1. e.g. 70 million Germans fought nations and empires whose total population was 700 million (approx) and then we keep saying: Oh why did they lose? Couldn’t they have done better, etc? Well, if you’re outnumbered 10:1 it is pretty heaving winning all the time. Ditto for Southern Africa.

So Rhodesians especially find themselves caught up in this notion of why did we lose … when the blacks outnumbered us 24:1. Couldn’t we have done better? And they beat themselves up on that score.

However, what we Whites ALWAYS FORGET TO DO, IS TO LOOK AT THE ENEMY AND WHAT THEY DID AND HOW GOOD WERE THEY REALLY? And what happens if they are put in the same spot as ourselves?

Now I hinted in my talk, at the fact that Robert Mugabe, of Zimbabwe, when faced with a secret insurgency (run by South Africa and ex-Rhodesians), then went and KILLED 30,000 blacks. He could not deal with a tiny insurgency, so instead, he chose to just kill all the people!!! Now the Whites would NEVER have considered such an inhumane thing, and it would NEVER have entered their heads even … though it was well within their capability. Similarly, in South Africa, the Whites beat themselves up, and let themselves be beaten up on the issue of, say, The Sharpeville Massacre of 76 blacks. But never, did it enter their heads to slaughter the blacks into submission the way Mugabe AND MANY OTHER BLACK LEADERS HAVE DONE TO THEIR OWN KIND!!!! We have the tools to do it, but we never even conceive of doing it. But the blacks do it and get away with it.

You will never hear an end to the Sharpeville massacre by the Whites of SA, yet, you will never hear the Jews complain about the Chinese killing thousands, perhaps as many as 10,000 in Tianamen square, in front of cameras!!! Everything is so rigged against WHITES making any kind of stand or move, but when Blacks or Chinese or anyone else go and SLAUGHTER their own kind, nobody thinks twice about it.

So here is the question: What if the BLACKS have countries and were to face enemies who use the same tactics against them, that they used on the Whites? How effective are the blacks at defending their territory?

As I have indicated with regard to Mugabe, the answer is that they literally CANNOT, fight even a tiny insurgency, never mind the MASSIVE insurgencies that they built up against the Whites, which the Whites were managing to counter and defeat, almost to the very end.

Here is yet another example, that will show you the tremendous weakness of the blacks. Here we have the Frelimo communists who got Portuguese Mozambique, and in this case they have a rather tiny Muslim problem. But these are black Muslims. These few Black Muslims have NOT been defeated by the army of Mozambique. I think I read that the French even flew in some helicopters and troops to help the Blacks of Mozambique some time back. Across Africa from the West African coast almost to East Africa, there are similar Muslim insurgencies, againt by mostly blacks, and these insurgencies CANNOT BE DEFEATED BY BLACK GOVERNMENTS. Even Nigeria, which has a population of close to 200 million CANNOT DEFEAT A SIMPLE INSURGENCY. France and the USA have troops fighting in various parts of Africa trying to stave off BLACK DEFEAT by some simple insurgents.

In the story below, not only can’t the Mozambique Govt defeat the insurgents, despite getting Western help, but, 400,000 blacks have fled!!! The blacks are unsafe in their own countries. They not only can’t defeat the insurgents, they run away en masse and they can’t FEED THEMSELVES. Again, the Western world runs in to FEED THE BLACKS.

So be aware, that the blacks are literally unable to defend themselves from even simple things, even in countries totally inhabited and controlled by themselves.

The things that Whites did, DAILY, WITH EASE, in fighting guerillas and terrorists, and which they thought nothing of … the blacks cannot do even 1% of the SAME STUFF!

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of these MILITARY LESSONS. There are very, very important conclusions that can be drawn from this, for the future for OURSELVES!!!

This is why I remain totally adamant, that the future remains undecided, and Whites should NEVER, under ANY CONDITIONS, think that our situation is hopeless. It is NOT SO, NOWHERE, not even in South Africa.

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