VIDEO: VERY IMPORTANT: Job Biden tells US Soldiers to their face YOU STUPID BASTARDS…. – My Comments


[Here is your typical Liberal bag of shit. This is why the Secret Service and military/intelligence/police types of men – the men and women who hold the country together actually, normally hate these bags of shit. But in this little piece, Joe Biden, who is a prime bag of shit, tells the military guys to their faces "clap for that you stupid bastards". He just cannot hide his contempt for the military, almost all of whom seem white to me. Joe Biden, the worthless dog that he is, is kept safe in his bed at night by these same people. I have nothing but contempt for a man or woman who hates the military. You'll see these foul "Liberals" (aka, Jews, communists and assorted bags of filth, have nothing but contempt for those who hold America together). These soldiers have the ability to kill Biden if they so wished, but they have more noble values than that. I urge whites to make friends with military, intelligence and police folks and speak to them about our racial problems. Win them over. You'll see how this will help us. As for Biden, what a pompous prick. He should have been shot dead right there for speaking to those soldiers like that. Piece of crap. Jan]

Here’s the short video. Listen right at the end, what this bag of dung says:

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