EXCELLENT: Video Footage of Blacks in New York “attacking” a Jew….

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Do you believe in peace forever? This video will shock you. In my younger days I was very spiritual. Now I am the opposite and I will explain why.

Here’s a link where you can watch the “attack” on the Jew. Its minor stuff, but it delights me and the JEWS ARE GETTING FREAKED OUT BY WHAT THE BLACKS ARE DOING! Nice!

Yes you Jewish dog shit. You spent decades getting the blacks to hate whites and murder whites. Now the blacks are deciding that you’re deserving of “some attention”.

My advice to whites, is: Whenever you get a chance, tell blacks about: Slavery by Jews. But there is much more you can tell them. You can tell them how the Jews cheated black pop stars and others. Just point them in the right direction. Its about time the Jews got a little bit of attention from the non-whites whose minds they filled with so much HATE towards whites.

Here’s the link. Click on it, the video will come up. ENJOY:


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