BEFORE America Invaded Afghanistan for the Jews … people debated furiously: Would America LOSE?


In the madness and stupidity of post 911, when America was preparing to kill everyone they could in order to keep the Jewish trash happy, there were a LOT of debates as to whether America would win. It was pointed out that Afghanistan is a place where many have lost, including that other aggressive Jewish Empire … the British.

There were those who said that America, as great as it is, would lose. America seemed so incredibly determined at the time to kill any enemy of the Jews that later it seemed to me America was actually winning and would remain there.

I am astounded to see, 17 years later, that America is withdrawing and the very enemies it was fighting endlessly using every means, are just popping out and even capturing entire towns AND EVEN DRIVING CAPTURED AMERICAN VEHICLES!!!!! WTF?

Let me repeat here, that the USA has no clue how to actually win a victory and CONQUER A TERRITORY.

White Americans CONQUERED AMERICA and their attitude and methods and determination were dead on the money in the greatest conquest of the White race in our history.

HOWEVER, Modern Jew puppet politicians are total idiots and they have no clue about how war should be fought in order to win. This is a downhill path that America started on in the Korean war.

The EUROPEAN WAY, in Pre-Christian times, was THE ONLY WAY. You either fight like the Vikings, or the Greeks or Romans, or Bulgarians or Huns, or Gauls or Celts … and then you win and control your territory.

White Americans did things right once upon a time when they fought the Indians, Mexicans, etc. But these days Americans have lost their minds and these filthy politicians are total idiots. Or they spend too much time listening to Jews.

I find it impossible to believe that a country as powerful as America can end up being beaten in Afghanistan.

You clearly do not understand true conquest. A super mighty military that cannot win tiny wars.

I think you could learn some lessons, even from the tiny Tribe of Whites here in Africa. We managed to get a whole lot more done, with almost nothing.

And the Europeans, DEFINITELY, almost all of them, get a LOT more done than America.

The American mind has been softened to the point of almost uselessness … with filthy politicians, Jew scum, and all kinds of nonsensical crap in people’s heads … it’s no wonder America is losing wars.


The Germans and most other Europeans would achieve far more. It’s time for America to sit back and let other Whites, with far less resources, show you how it’s done. But keep your mouths shut, and don’t criticise other Whites. See what the real lessons of Europe are and you’ll see real victory.

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