Who owns the Suidlander websites & how many do they have? – Also: The weird Geneva Convention Non-Combatant angle!

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From my own quick investigations the Suidlanders have 3 websites. All are owned and run by the same man.

The website: https://www.suidlanders.co.za/ is owned by this man:
1a. domain : suidlanders.co.za
2a. registrant : Coenie Maree
2b. registrantpostaladdress: Vanderkloof Varigata str,Vanderkloof, , 8771, ZA
3e. creationdate : 2008/05/04 12:27:21

As you can see, the above website was created in 2008.

Then there’s a website called: Noodplan (Translation: Emergency Plan):
1a. domain : noodplan.co.za
2a. registrant : Coenie Maree
2b. registrantpostaladdress: Varigata str 348 Vanderkloof,Vanderkloof, , 8771, ZA
3e. creationdate : 2016/02/03 15:44:06

The Noodplan website was created recently in 2016.

This date for this website is interesting because in the same year, 2016, a business was registered in the name of the Suidlanders.

Then there’s https://suidlanders.org/ which seems to be a more english version of Noodplan. It speaks about the Geneva convention. The Geneva convention is a critically important part of the weird Suidlander “military strategy”. I discussed this with Suidlanders at length. It is really about declaring yourselves as NON-COMBATANTS. But it then involves going into a camp and giving up your weapons except for those who are the camp guards. So effectively you are now disarmed and in a camp. Why are you giving up your weapons?

Returning to the website Suidlanders.org here is who owns it:
Registration Date: 2012-04-23
Expiration Date: 2019-04-23
Registrant Contact
Name: Coenie Maree
Organization: Suidlanders
Street: 7 Hermes st
City: Vanderkloof
Postal Code: 9459
Country: ZA

So you can see that all 3 of the Suidlander websites are owned by Coenie Maree who is one of their senior people.

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