20 Years of war for Jews for NOTHING: USA has withdrawn from Afghanistan – Is the ENEMY now winning?

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[The Taliban, whom America was fighting for 17 years is now coming out of the woodwork and winning everywhere as the USA is withdrawing. Now I must tell you, that America's way of war, is a very dumb, retarded way of war that does not work. That is why it is all going to pot now. It's the same as it was in Vietnam. The American way of war is a load of rubbish. You MUST return to the way Whites used to fight wars in pre-Christian times. That was when we used to WIN and we used to WIN BIG and win most of the time. American Liberalism, mixed up with Jews, is designed to lose. This started in the Korean war. What I hope is that it will make America less and less likely to intervene EVERYWHERE … including Africa. I think that would be good because American Politicians make the most f*cked up decisions imaginable. Jan]

[It appears to me the USA has gone and fought in Afghanistan for 20 years FOR NOTHING. No victory … nothing. White men have died and European men have been sent there to do lots of fighting for Israel … but what have they achieved?

Taliban insurgents have captured the city of Zaranj, the capital of Afghanistan’s southwestern Nimroz province. The city is the first provincial capital to fall amid the ongoing Taliban offensive against government troops.

The militants entered the city on Friday afternoon, according to media reports corroborated by footage circulating online. The development was confirmed to Reuters by Nimroz’s police spokesperson, with the official, who remained anonymous for security reasons, blaming the fall of the city on a lack of reinforcements from Afghanistan’s central government.

Footage shared online purports to show Taliban militants entering the city en-masse, on foot as well as riding atop a column of captured government armored vehicles.

The militants reportedly also broke into a local prison, freeing inmates from the facility.

The city apparently fell into hands of the Taliban largely without fighting, imagery from the scene suggests. It was not immediately clear whether the local security forces fled or defected to the Taliban.

In recent weeks, the resurgent group has launched a fresh major offensive against government forces, capturing large swaths of territory and establishing control over multiple border crossings.

The Islamist militants have also put pressure on several provincial capitals, including such major cities as Kandahar in the south and Herat in the west. Before the capture of Zaranj, however, the Taliban’s territorial gains primarily occurred in sparsely-populated rural areas.

Source: https://www.rt.com/news/531341-taliban-captures-provincial-capital-afghanistan/

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