Are the Jews & Super Rich launching attacks on ALL common Western Citizens?

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This is doing the rounds on a big scale here in South Africa among Whites. This will give you an idea of the horror of Black rule.

When I look at a number of weird things happening, like Google’s big change to it’s algorithm which is driving DOWN the number of hits that all types of normal, non-political websites were getting … and just some other thoughts … I ask myself whether the Jews aren’t just trying to lash out at ANY NORMAL WESTERN WORLD CITIZENS due to the extremely high levels of "anti-semitism" out there?

Jews are very stressed about what is happening, and they notice this stuff big time.

I had also been talking to whites here in South Africa in small and medium sized businesses who were taking an enormous beating from the Super Rich.

It is very likely that the very wealthy are struggling in this dreadful economic situation and that they are simply doing what the Rich and the BIG always do … smashing small businesses. I noticed in South Africa that the BIG CORPORATIONS NEVER LOSE, but the COMMON WHITE MAN WHO HAS A BUSINESS GETS KICKED IN THE TEETH – ALWAYS – during all down turns in the economy.

But what I have been wondering is whether the Jews are also trying to grab as much power as they can in every economic form.

I’m wondering whether the "antisemitism" is making them crazy paranoid and they might even see COMMON PEOPLE as a GENERAL ENEMY and that ANYTHING that weakens common people may be very good.

That might be how they are thinking. They have always had a contempt for the common man, and they only function at the very highest levels. It is very possible that they are trying to seize as much money and power as they can while kicking common people in the face as much as possible in the hope that common people will break due to the hardship.

These are mean scum … who have had problems in Europe for ages and the modern antisemitism may have taken them by surprise big time. And they are now doing wild things as they struggle to hang on to their positions across the West.

Of course all the weak political puppets and scum in "Western Democracy" are their key people. e.g. Macron, Biden and the clown who runs Britain – I forget the idiot’s name.

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Blacks falsify their Matric results! Why Black school leavers are expected to try to falsify their matric certificates.

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