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Does life imitate art? What is it about artists like Wagner, Nietzsche, and Hitler? All three were artists or poets with spectacular visions that became prophetic.

“[Adolf] was absolutely skeptical about occultism and more than rational in these matters; [yet] his behavior remained a mystery to me.”

We quote from August Kubizek’s book The Young Hitler I Knew (112).

“Adolf lived so much in his vision of the future Linz that he adapted his day-to-day habits to it; for instance, we would visit the [envisioned] hall of fame, the memorial temple, or our medieval open-air museum.” (111)

“[I] wondered why [Adolf] so obstinately occupied himself with plans which, I thought, would never come to anything. But the more remote the realization of a project was, the more did he steep himself into it. To him these projects were in every detail as actual as though they were already executed and the whole town rebuilt according to his design.” (106)

“We two impoverished devils had no possibility of realizing these plans. This did not disturb my friend in the least. His belief, that one day he would carry out all his tremendous projects, was unshakeable. Money was of no importance. It was only a matter of time—of living long enough. This absolute faith was too much for my rational way of thinking.” (110)

“[Adolf] took it for granted that one day the plans would be executed with the greatest of exactitude, and prepared for this moment accordingly. Even the most fantastic idea was thought out in the greatest detail.” (111)

“What the fifteen-year-old planned, the fifty-year-old carried out, often, as for instance in the case of the new bridge over the Danube, as faithfully as though only a few weeks, instead of decades, lay between the planning and execution. The plan existed. Then came influence and power and the plan became reality. This happened with uncanny regularity, as though the fifteen-year-old had taken it for granted that one day he would possess the necessary power and means. This is just too much for me to take in. I cannot conceive that such a thing is possible. One is tempted to use the world ‘miracle,’ because there is no rational explanation for it.” (106)

Let’s talk about the powers of Hitler that some people might consider “unnatural.”

No doubt Hitler’s acuity for success borders on the mystical. Hitler achieved everything he wanted to achieve, politically, for Germany by the end of September 1939. His string of successes, including those on the battlefield, would continue, until the end of 1941.

When counting any list of greatly accomplished men, Hitler would rank top among those who achieved goals they first started out with. This makes him an extremely unique case study. Did George Washington or Napoleon pine to start and lead a new nation or dream of national leadership in their teens?

For Hitler, we know “in what hour it began.”

Kubizek relates the pair watched Rienzi when Hitler was seventeen. “[W]hat burst forth from him with elementary force […] was a state of complete ecstasy and rapture, in which he transferred the character of Rienzi to the plain of his own ambitions. [T]he impact of the opera was a sheer external impulse which compelled him…He conjured up in grandiose inspiring pictures his own future and that of his people…He was talking of a mandate which, one day, he would receive from the people, and lead them out of servitude to the heights of freedom.” (118)

Because of Kubizek’s account, no one will argue about the historicity of Hitler. Kubizek’s book will be for Hitler what the Gospels fail to do for Jesus, which is, reveal the youth and inner life of Hitler to explain, and bridge the gap to, the later historical figure.

Hitler’s success story is a window into success, as such, and thus, he is a role model to all people, young and old, who aim for larger-than-life success against gargantuan odds and enemies. If anyone brought a people—down by 100 points—back to tie the game, it was Hitler.

What made his success possible? What specific virtue (or vice) did Hitler have that unleashed reality on his behalf? We focus on just one character trait. That trait is suggested in the quotes.

To understand this trait, and determine its validity or invalidity, its virtue or vice, its risks and its rewards—and its utility for our own cause—we need to ask, what kind of universe do we live in? Rule of the billiard ball or the field? Do we live in a Neville Goddard universe or Newton’s? Was Hitler a window on and exemplar of how to live in a Goddard universe?

“At that time my lot in life seemed to me a harsh one; but today I see in it the wise workings of Providence. Adversity had me in its grip and often threatened to smash me; but the will grew stronger as the obstacles increased, and finally the will triumphed.” (Mein Kampf: 34)

“[H]is will power […] always seemed to move matters that concerned him in the desired direction.” (Kubizek: 114)

Hitler claimed that despite his crushing poverty and hunger, the workings of Providence were beneath his wings, and sanctioned the Triumph of [His] Will. What is that exactly?

To possibly understand it, we jump to Neville Goddard (1905-1972). “I do not believe in the historicity of Jesus,” he said. (Neville Goddard | Speak It Into Existence | Lecture 4 min)

Goddard was secular. He indulged the metaphors of the Bible as covert descriptions of his view of reality.

Goddard believed that to achieve goals, total-emersion of oneself in one’s desired reality is necessary. One does not merely visualize to improve one’s practice, as in basketball. Rather, one lives that reality, one lives in that end-vision, and reality will snap into line at some point.

This is the basic operation of the Goddard universe. The willed-forth vision is the fundamental cause to all else—a view of causality that is strange and godlike—but Hitler’s natural bent.

“[Adolf’s] artistic imagination held a powerful attraction for him. In his thought he was no longer in Linz but already in Vienna, and his incredible capacity for ignoring the reality in front of him, and for accepting as real what existed only in his imagination, now came into full play.” (120)

Goddard, literally, claims that reality will conform to the power of your will applied to your imagined vision. He claims that this is a natural law of the universe. You can see that Kubizek’s descriptions make Hitler a great case study of Goddard’s theory.

What is will-applied-to-vision? Why would it work? Per Goddard, the will sends a signal to the universe saying, “This is my request.”

A will without a vision is just a prayer. A vision without a will is just a drawing. A willed-forth vision is a request.

The Matrix | InfoStudenti

“By God, nobody on earth, not even my mother who loved me so much and knew me so well was as capable of bringing my secret aspirations into the open and making them come true as my friend [Adolf].” (Kubizek: 145)

The will-applied-to-vision pulls the lever down on the slot machine at Casino Providence. The universe runs its “wise workings,” in the background, until your desired opportunities arise.

As Kubizek states, this is not rational to us. Yet, it worked for Hitler. Hitler worked on Kubizek’s behalf and then on Germany’s behalf. He can still work on our behalf.

How do we explain it? Fields. Fields direct energy. Fields communicate information. Fields are the understructure of all that is.

The ultimate question is, Can our will direct or influence the fields, in the way, that Goddard describes?

If fields exist and communicate information, and if fields exist in us, in our brain and heart, then there is a well-established scientific mechanism for communication between the mind and the universe.

For complete details, see the article, “Consciousness as an Intrinsic Property of Magnetic Fields,” by Todd Murphy. Murphy notes that iron-crystals known as, magnetosomes, exist along our nerves; these resonate with the earth’s magnetic fields. Our blood is flowing with quasi-molten iron. Magnetosomes are the accepted-interface between living organisms and the magnetic field to orient birds, fish, and bacteria for navigation. Star Wars uses the closely-sounding term, “midi-chlorians.” It is doubtful that George Lucas knew of them in the 1970s. Is that another example of art foreshadowing reality?

If the mind and nature interact at any level, by fields, which exist, will applied to vision can snap reality into line, or signal such, as least, possibly. What comes of that? The Third Reich.

To Kubizek’s point, there might be a rational explanation to Hitler’s acuity—a power that we all have—which we can use to defeat ruling scum evil, despite its impressive, even total, but fleeting, dominance. This topic has value to us all who lack outward power. If the underlying framework of reality suggested is true, we have all the power we need to take outward power. Goddard suggests that even history can be changed by his method, which means, WWII is still up for grabs. By Hitler’s will, Casino Providence is still working for us. Hitler envisions the collapse of the lies, which means the collapse of the ruling scum power.


Hitler’s political-artistic ideas had their origin in thoughts he had before he was twenty, including a mobile Reich’s-Orchestra to tour the provinces bringing art to the masses. Kubizek admits, “I thought that there actually was such [a traveling] orchestra in Vienna, since [Adolf] spoke of it as though it actually existed.” (199)

In detailed contemplation of this orchestra, “We ceased to be poor, starving students and became great men of consequence for a while. I was surprised at the strength of his imagination for a dream world. [Adolf] created a fantasy in thin air and yet tied down the whole thing to the last detail.” (200)

“[Adolf] mingled his most fantastic ideas with the coolest calculations.” (111)

“Although I saw in the whole thing nothing but a figment of imagination, I could, nevertheless, not resist its peculiar fascination. What exercised my friend’s mind was more than nebulous fanaticism; these apparently absurd conceptions contained something compelling and convincing—a sort of superior logic. Each idea had its natural sequel in another, and the whole was a clear and rational chain of thought.” (110)

Hitler’s “flame of life” was his visions willed to fruition. (217)

These are the exact things Neville Goddard taught—will forth a concrete vision. In Goddard’s universe, this is a secular causal “prayer.” Ask by your concrete willed-forth vision and you shall receive. This can be tested, quantified, qualified, and verified (or invalidated and dismissed), but plenty suggests it.

It costs us nothing to do this. It is the ultimate in asymmetric warfare. The ruling scum have no power to stop our role-play for a world of our desires. We have the ultimate freedom to do what is best for us. The risks are zero. For women, it is the ultimate weapon against a cruel Yankee world.

I have certainly been thinking about alternatives to conventional perspectives on Hitler and wondering of different paths to saving Germany, including, revising history.

I never heard of Goddard, until this past, January. In February, I took up the remaining half of Kubizek’s book, after letting it sit for two months, since my last article in early December. I picked it up right on page 106, and immediately realized the similarities between how Hitler lived as Kubizek observed, and what Goddard taught. Any other page and I might have missed it.

Goddard was born in 1905, so there is no chance that Hitler was influenced by him, as a young adult into WWI, or into his interwar-war maturity. Goddard never lectured until the 1950’s.

We only suggest that Hitler is the greatest historical example of Goddard’s teaching. Goddard has been growing in popularity. Hitler can benefit from that if a connection is made.

What came to Goddard by dubious sources came naturally to Hitler. For Hitler, this natural talent owes itself to his own personality—a talent that Goddard suggests is in us all.

Hitler’s visionary talent was no substitute for strategy; however, such visionary talent is necessary to get any great movement going "to lead Germans out of servitude to the heights of freedom.”

Someone must have that vision or else no one will have that vision.

Unfortunately, Hitler was absorbed in Wagner’s dramatic vision of the end of the world—carried on by his annual pilgrimages to Bayreuth—and he was tinged by the vice of Anglophilia.

Hitler admired the British empire. He misread the British empire and its genocidal aims for Germany—which demanded ruthless counter-strategies. Like the Aztecs, Hitler mistook a genocidal enemy for a white god, just as, the Aztecs mistook the Spanish gold hunters as white gods and were destroyed. Hitler’s vision had a hole in it. This led to his own incineration and the triumph of Britain’s destruction of Germany by conflagrations.

We know that Hitler wanted peace with England, when in fact, Britain needed to be defeated and destroyed. This lack of will to defeat England came true. Thus, Hitler saw his whole vision come true—a unified Germany and a living British monster that claimed it. His vision did come true—a resurrected Germany—only one to be destroyed by the British empire.

Hitler may be the greatest real-life example of “the law of attraction.” He gives us a window onto historical reality—that we have never seen before. He gives us a window onto power. And how to rid ourselves of the current reality—by the triumph of our will and imagination—over that perfidious ruling scum that wants us locked into its perversion, embodied by Orwell’s, “boot stomping on a human face forever.”

If the Goddard Universe Premise is true, then we have the power to reverse this with a new and better vision.

The Volksaver Vision of the world is where the British empire is completely wiped out and its assets become our rightful reparations, so that, we can bring forth new shoots of a glorious Germania Grande, in the ashes of the discredited British, American, and communist empires.


In the Goddard universe, the power of our collective imagination, can start with just a boy, who can will-forth our desired future.

This is possible because few will-forth any vision. Few have ambition. Few care about the big picture. So few program Casino Providence with any desired outcome.

There are only two factions: the ruling scum and their ruled scum versus the volksavers. Thus, there are only two dominant programs—and both can come true. The British wanted world domination by German genocide and got it. Hitler wanted German sovereignty and a British empire. He got it for a moment. Thus, we must be careful of what we want. We must be precise. We want a complete end to British existence—so that we can get what we are owed—and a complete renaissance of all good things that are German.

In the Goddard universe, manufacturing a collective consciousness and a collective will manifests the history we experience. This may explain ruling scum fixation on predictive programming and rituals, while suffocating ethno-imagination and counter-narratives.

What does predictive programming have to do with this? Is predictive programming how the rulings scum capture our will and vision to entrain us in their universe? How do we bust out? The Apple commercial comes to mind.


Their fake events have uncontrolled, unexpected, unpredictable double manifestations—the one desired for the fools and the one unleashed by the counter-scum. Are rituals the key to creating collective consciousness?

To defeat the ruling scum, we need a new vision that suits our time that we will into reality—in place of today’s death spiral.

We need to live our own story. We need our own echo-chamber. We need to live in our echo-chamber to box out the non-sense that throws us off our game—our vision. Every artificial crisis throws us off our game. The ruling scum flush crisis after crisis onto the world to keep us in their reality.

We must have our own echo-chamber, our own vision, our own will to reclaim reality from the kings of the idiot-box. We must have our own concrete party program that specify our vision as concretely as possible. We must have more and more volksavers who will-forth that vision.

For the NSDAP, the planks of the party program broadened understanding of the vision. It allowed everyone to focus on the same vision; a force multiplier, if you will, creating a community of will.

Hitler resisted changing the party program once it was initially established because it was basically right. It only lacked a plank to resist British empire. It should have included a Hitler Doctrine, like the Monroe Doctrine, that British interference on the continent of Europe would never be tolerated. It is a shock that Europe doesn’t have a Hitler Doctrine—FORTRESS EUROPE.


Does this really work? Or was Goddard just crazy? Was Hitler? Or are we misreading Hitler?

Does this power have to work? Or do we only have to think it works?

[1] When I was eight years old. I wanted to fight communism. Nine years later “invincible” communism collapsed. Did I do that?

[2] When my sister died, I needed to know whether consciousness survives. For some reason, when I would ask that question, I would stare at the clock. My answer came months later. I now understand what it means. You need to give the “wise workings” time to give you an answer. Let the universe work for you.

[3] Before I went to college, I wanted to graduate valedictorian. I did.

[4] Like Hitler who would talk to August Kubizek about his dreams, I would drive someone around and talk about my dreams. Those dreams are close to fruition.

[5] Since 2000, I wanted to raise enough money to start my own tax-free city. I wrote out a vision and a book. It would take money. I needed money. I found out about bitcoin when it was still 10 cents. I didn’t realize the universe was answering me. You have to be ready for those answers and met the universe half-way. Reach your arm out to grab that help. Take the signals of intuition seriously. Listen when intuition taps you on your shoulder.

[6] I was designing a new type of blimp in 2010. Every time I faced an engineering problem, I would ask for a solution, take a nap, and wake up with a satisfactory solution.

[7] I yearned and envisioned the end of Andrew Cuomo’s term in power while he was riding high and mighty. I had no political influence and my information was completely ignored, yet the unthinkable happened. He was out of office only a year later.

[8] I have yearned and envisioned the breakup of the United States for a while now, since my January 2016 Renegade Tribune article on the subject. What was only raindrop for unthinkable breakup by a fringe writer, six years ago, is now a storm of major media news pouring out about civil war, secession, and breakup from the highest levels of the US regime.

The CIA mouthpiece, Washington Post, published the work of Stephan Marche. He writes on behalf of the deep state, “The United States might well be better off as separate countries. It might be healthier, more rational, less prone to violence. Yes, there are good reasons for breaking up the United States, beyond the nationalist aspirations of the secessionists.” That is the deep state talking.

Note the concession to dissolution. Disunion is not regarded as unthinkable, but positive and attractive, indeed rational, healthy, and peace-serving.

Who thought six years ago such would be the case today?

Compare that to the absolutism of China or Lincoln. CCP invincibility considers its power not up for question. It regards itself and Taiwan as one piece. The Soviets and Chinese would defend their territorial integrity with an air of invincibility and they described their victory as a matter of historical inevitability. The US deep state has disavowed invincibility. (In my view, it is looking for the right plan, team, or movement to come along and support.) The deep state will not fight to preserve the outward regime. The air of invincibility has been renounced before the first shot of secession was fired. That is our victory. With US breakup, the US forfeits the world wars. Germany wins WWII and WWI and regains its sovereignty. That is why I am a champion of breakup. No matter what it does to America it is great for Germany, Europe, and the world.

Great things may be coming, as could, dangerous things. We have to ask to receive and ask for only what we can live with. Precision is critical.

Today, to replace the current form of government, I envision state and regional “ethno-parliaments” that will put English and Jews in their place and proper perspective. Ethnopower.com has the vision to dissolve the current system from the bottom up. Such new vision and regime is organic from the people and suits their ethno-nature to replace empire.

In the Goddard universe, we can “Use the Force.” We will-forth a concrete benevolent vision that we most care about. The computation of the universe will bring it forth with time.

That’s far more powerful than the Force implied by Star Wars—the power to move a spoon of sugar across a table into your coffee cup. You wouldn’t want that power.

Not only may our powers of awareness extend beyond the conventional range, but our power to shape reality might extend beyond conventional causality.

Is the collapse of communism, Cuomo, and the United States coincidence or a function of my willed-forth vision? Why do I feel like I am ten years ahead of the crowd, as with bitcoin?

These examples are only one of a class of “electromagnetic powers” that I experienced—that 21st Century man is only beginning to discover and put into words to truly study and make use of.


Estimates of the placebo cure rate range from a low of 15 percent to a high of 72 percent. (https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/brain-sense/201201/the-placebo-effect-how-it-works)

The power to will-forth an outcome over time—is the same phenomenon—the placebo effect on a historical or geopolitical scale.

Even if this placebo power is useful for only 7 percent of life’s problems, that’s good to know. On some quality of problems, we are more powerful than Emperor Palpatine of Star Wars.

If it is a law of the universe, then we must understand it precisely to make use of its causal power.

Hitler seemed to have higher sense awareness—which allowed him to cheat death in WWI, to cheat assassination, and to cheat accidents until his vision was fulfilled. Providence—his willed-forth vision—was protecting him. His vision was not done with him, until the vision was fulfilled.

Hitler had the power to shape the reality he wanted to live in—which allowed the will and visions of a pauper to triumph on the world’s stage over the greatest obstacles.

Easter religions say that the sound of the universe is “om.” For us, the OMA of the universe—the OMA of the Sky—wants the best for us. We just have to will-forth and she will deliver.

If we do have this power and we are blind to its proper use, we might make mistakes. We must craft our visions to suit us.

“The broad masses of a population are more susceptible to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force. All great movements are popular movements. They are the volcanic eruptions of human passions and emotions, stirred into activity by the ruthless goddess of Adversity or by the torch of the spoken word cast into the midst of the people. In no case have great movements been set afoot by the syrupy effusions of aesthetic litterateurs and drawing-room heroes. The doom of a nation can be averted only by a storm of glowing passion; but only those who are passionate themselves can arouse passion in others. It is only through the capacity for passionate feeling that chosen leaders can wield the power of the word which, like blows from a hammer, will open the door to the hearts of the people. He who is not capable of passionate feeling and speech was never chosen by Providence to be the herald of its will.” (Mein Kampf: 122)

The NPC masses are susceptible to the will-forth visions of the visionaries in ways we are only beginning to understand.

The British empire pushed the billiard-ball universe to subvert the world of its own power to resist British imperialism.

Restoration of our understanding of the field-universe and how to use it will collapse that empire into the dustbin of history where it belongs.

It may that the great secret of secret societies is to suppress this understanding of reality, deny the people of the world its power, so that the British empire can rule unchallenged.

In Freemasonry Its Hidden Meaning, we read: "In its ritualism Masonry teaches nothing in morals, in science, in religion, or in any other department of human knowledge or human interest, not taught elsewhere in current forms of thought, or by the sages of the past. In these directions it has no secrets of any kind.” (Steinmetz: 2)

“However, like all of Masonry’s secret lessons the reason is so concealed that only he who sincerely seeks will ever discover it. When the truth of this lesson has been realized one discovers the most important facts of existence itself.” (Steinmetz: 6)

“We hope to subsequently establish the fact that Freemasonry and Mental Science are synonymous.” (Steinmetz: 19)

“Our quest is for the re-discovery of something lost. It is the knowledge of the two-fold principle in nature and specifically, knowledge of the modus operandi of the Constructive Principle. The loss of the knowledge of the Constructive Principle in nature brought into man’s existence its opposite, the Destructive Principle.” (Steinmetz:25)

“All we need do is knock at the door […] and "it will be opened unto us," but the door is [easy to open.] It takes a "distinct knock," and patience. It demands a well-formed PERSONAL DESIRE to give the knock and patiently await a due time. We have encountered in the spiritual world the law of the material world, and are dealing with personal desire.” (Steinmetz: 20)

Clearly, there are connections between Kubizek’s observations of Hitler, my life experiences, Goddard’s explicit formulations, my field-explanations, and the wordings of the masonic secret—which, by being kept secret, enslaves the world. Observations and theory are pointing to the same secret power.

Releasing this secret releases Germans from British-Jewish power.

Source: https://ethnopower.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Hitler-through-the-Eyes-of-Neville-Goddard-Sylvia-edition-webpage.htm

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