ANTIFA: Jewish Terrorism against Whites in the USA accelerates…

An important note. I was chatting on the phone to a really nice guy in the USA whom I met at the Fash Bash. He’s 1/2 Irish & 1/2 English and he lives in the USA. But what a nice man. He was telling me about a massive doxing campaign against him and his followers. He had a radio show that was getting 30,000 listeners each week and he had to shut it down.

ANTIFA exposed his wife, and another lady too.

In the USA the Jews and the Liberals are going crazy trying to get white right wingers fired and their businesses destroyed. One of my friends has just experienced such a nasty episode. The Jews are hell bent on sending the USA down the liberal path. They will use any method no matter how dodgy. This is Jewish terrorism to destroy pro white politics, by any means.

ANTIFA is a "home grown" terrorist organisation in the Western world that is the Jewish attack dog against whites.

One of the most active cells of ANTIFA scum is run by a female Professor at a university in the USA.

I’ve asked my friend to be interviewed by Alex and I. This is a very important story.

The Jews are hell bent on destroying any attempt by whites in the USA to stand up for their own civilisation, nation or racial values.

Its hideous.

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