The NON-PANDEMIC: COVID: Tyranny Around the Western World – Masks reduce Oxygen to you

[This info about the reduction of oxygen under these stupid masks confirms my own fears that this is unhealthy. I can't see how restricting oxygen to oneself is good. This nonsense must end. Jan]

"Policeman in Liverpool, England pepper sprays a man for not wearing mask, a pregnant Australian mom is arrested in pajamas for planning a lockdown protest on Facebook, a North Carolina man quits his job at Food Lion after being pressured to get rid of his American flag face covering, Ron paul says they’re trying to make Sweden’s Covid approach sound bad in order to destroy Scott Atlas, Dell Bigtree says 49 state and local public health officials have left their jobs since April, he infers that maybe it’s because they feel the pressure of lying about Covid deaths, he says many doctors are saying there’s no Covid deaths in our hospital, there never has been, and see how a Wiccan witch comes to Christ."

No More Mask Wearing for a NON-pandemic

Simple science Atmospheric Oxygen 20.9% Under the mask about 17% or less which is under OSHA’s 19.5% Safe Oxygen Level.

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