EUROPE ARISES: EXCELLENT STUFF: France, Germany & Spain in a partial military alliance


I was reading that France and Germany are going to co-operate on producing the next generation of battle tank. The Germans will lead the effort.

Then the French, Germans and Spanish are going to co-operate on producing the next generation of planes. I’m not sure if these are fighters. This effort will be led by France.

I am so excited by this. For a long time I’ve been thinking to myself that if the two largest European countries, France and Germany, could co-operate militarily, that it would give you 150 million (mostly white) people co-operating. They are also high quality folks. That means they would pack a punch way above that of even Russia. Note: The French have some serious nuclear weapons too.

The French are also the most aggressive European nation. They fight anywhere they want to, any time they want to.

I’m so delighted to see the Germans getting back into the game. We need them badly. Their excellence is much needed.

I had thought that if: France, Germany, Italy and Spain could have some form of military alliance, you’d have a power that is very close to that of the USA itself, but its based in Europe. It would mean that Europe has some kind of powerful defence force.

I would say that: France+Germany+Italy+Spain would EASILY, match, and even exceed the Jewish fake super-powers India and China in military terms. Remember our people produce HIGH QUALITY, and very, very high quality will come out of those nations.

But even just France+Germany, will pack an enormous punch, even with small numbers of weapons.

DO NOT BE FOOLED. Modern weaponry requires extreme amounts of computing power, software, and the integration of computers with technology. This will make such a difference on the battle field, be it in the air, at sea or on land. It will enable Europe to use its power far away.

I’m extremely pleased with this development.

Europe has such incredible potential if more and more countries can work together. Europe as a whole can match and exceed, the type of firepower that the USA has. Europe produces seriously high quality weapons systems.

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