Video: FABULOUS! Putin’s 2nd War in Africa: Wagner-allied Niger Junta Warns West As France Evacuates Citizens; Military Force…

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The Boer State Party
From Jan: This is the ONLY political party in South Africa that I will support. I have met their leader and know their history. *ALL* other Political Parties in SA are a total waste of time for Whites. This political party cares about Whites. They say: We fight for our People‘s Freedom and Safe continued existence in the new South Africa!

[This is hilarious! Niger shouldn't stand a chance, but I think with Wagner and Russian help they might actually put up something of a fight! It's going to be awesome to watch a war among Blacks in West Africa! Get your popcorn. I hope the war ends up dragging on for long. But I'm not sure of the military situation. Maybe Niger will be able to hold out for a while. If so, it should be fun, and Whites will get a chance to assess War in Africa! You're all going to be laughing! Jan]

Here’s the video:

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2005: S.Africa: Trigger-happy black man kills himself
You can‘t make this stuff up. The Black fires randomly at some other Blacks ... then they shout at him ...

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