Is Hitler Important for the White Race? How important is Nazism? – The Bjerkness idiocy – My intense argument with a supporter

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I had a very nasty argument with one of my supporters here in South Africa who was very impressed with the nonsense that comes from Bjerkness.

My supporter then said this to me: Hitler is not important, the White Race is important.

Now under many conditions, depending on which historical figure we were debating, I would easily concede that a certain historical figure is NOT of importance regarding our race.

But when my supporter went and began dismissing Hitler, it forced me to sit and think about the matter.

My first counters to him when he was going on about Hitler being a Zionist and a Communist, was that he clearly had not read Mein Kampf and some statements of Hitler. I also then added some statements by Goebbels about the time the Jews wanted to work with the NAZIs. I told my supporter that he should NOT be listening to Green or Bjerkness or anyone WITHOUT first looking at what Hitler, Goebbels and others said. I also pointed to many things that Leon Degrelle, who met Hitler personally, also said about both Hitler and the NAZIS as a whole. I also told him to read Mike King’s article about Hitler and the Grand Mufti and his secret agreement with the Arabs, and his plans to invade the Middle East from Russia once he reached the Caucasus.

I told my supporter that there is NO WAYS IN HELL that Hitler was an agent or tool of the Jews. That’s impossible on so many levels. There are so many things that fly in the face of that.

But my supporter just ignored all these things and insisted that what Bjerkness says is more important.

I was then forced to ponder the question of HOW IMPORTANT IS HITLER REALLY?

That was when I got back to him and told him that HITLER IS CRITICAL. Hitler is the true father of what you can call "The Politics of Biology". Hitler was also a scientist. This is something that people miss, and Leon Degrelle explains a great deal about Hitler’s mind and knowledge of history and science. Hitler conceived many ideas that are UNIQUE that did NOT exist before. He and his fellows, like Goebbels, created a system that is totally unique – that we have not seen since the Roman Empire.


But hidden in that system was also something else … an economic system that is totally unique. There is nothing like the economic system they created. This is something I’ve been studying on and off for quite some time now. The entire structure they created – their political party, but most importantly their theoretical paradigm, is totally unique.

In fact, the more I ponder and look at life, and how things actually work, and also the struggles we have in our movement, the more convinced I am that SOCIALISM – especially NATIONAL SOCIALISM is the ONLY WAY.

The NAZI Experiment, if you will, was UNIQUE. It is the greatest breakthrough since the fall of the Roman Empire.

In fact, in my view, this is the next system … this is the system that is coming AFTER we move out of Christian civilisation. This is the next system. This is the future.

The system has so many utterly unique concepts in it, and it is based on very sound history and sound science.

Only Jews hate Hitler. He will haunt them until the end of time. Hitler is unique in his ability to have stood up to the globalist system. You cannot consider White Freedom without looking at Hitler and the NAZIS.

Interestingly, you’ll see the USA especially, adopted many ideas that were invented by the NAZIS. Even modern Liberalism has adopted and stolen ideas Hitler created.

To try to sideline Hitler and the NAZIs is an enormous error. If you do so, then you are also laying the groundwork for your own FAILURE. Hitler was the only leader who truly grasped certain concepts. Even Mussolini and Franco and other allies DID NOT GRASP THINGS THAT HITLER AND THE NAZIS GRASPED.

What Hitler and the NAZIS did was TOTALLY UNIQUE, and any Whites pondering White survival or a White Future are just selling themselves short and setting themselves for failure by ignoring what the Germans did.

As Alex Linder has said, the Germans, who are excellent at so many things may have invented the greatest political and state system the world has ever seen.

I would like to reiterate that the Germans, with a population of 70 million people nearly defeated several Empires whose total population came close to 700 million people. The Germans almost defeated the entire world.

The strength and power that came out of that method of organising and leading 70 million Germans is one of the greatest experiments in White/European history.

The Third Reich’s GDP for example, raced upwards and almost equalled that of the USA for a short period of time.

The Third Reich came so close to winning and changing the world fundamentally, especially civilisation.

To ignore Hitler and the Third Reich is the height of utter stupidity if you are serious about the future of the European race.

Hidden in there is so much brilliance and excellence that can be reused. Only total idiots would ignore them.

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