The foolish rubbish of Bjerkness about Hitler – Comments by Readers


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I had a hellish argument with a supporter over Bjerkness and Adam Green. Below are some comments from readers.

3:43 a.m., Tuesday Jan. 5

Maria: wrote:

I don’t like E Michael Jones but your description of Bjerknessis is spot on. He is a horrible man.


3:56 a.m., Tuesday Jan. 5

papasha408 wrote:

Jones has a theological answer to the world’s problems and it can get a little biblical at times, but, the guy is spot on when discussing Talmudism and Zionism. His book ‘the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit,’ is a must read in my opinion.

Another supporter, in a private email to me said:

Jan, I forgot to say to consider telling your readers, to never forget "there’s always a ‘jerk’ in “Bjerkness”. 😉

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