Jews as Asiatics? – Jewish Britain is totally insane: Now importing 3 million Chinese Communists… – My Comments


[One of my supporters posted this. He is knowledgeable about Asia. He says there are a lot of similarities between the Chinese and the Jews. I've noticed the same between the Jews and the Indians. My late friend, my Boer Pagan pal, who was a missile engineer, used to regularly refer to the Jews as "Asiatics". He may have a point in this. I can attest to the similarities between Indians (know in the USA as "East Indians") and the Jews. They are clever, 2-faced, and dangerous, and will turn on whites at any time that whites show any kind of weakness. BEWARE OF THE EAST INDIANS in the USA and Canada! As for the UK's policies, the UK, run by the Rothschilds and the 1/2 Jewish aristocracy … Britain is an insane country. It's leaders are pure filth and scum. I don't know if the whites there can break out of it. Jan]

My supporter wrote:
The UK is currently planning to take in 3 million ""Refugees"" from Hong Kong. Not knowing that Hong Kong ever since 1997 has been dominated by 2nd Gen children of CCP officials. The reason why they’re having this problem with the Beijing Central Government now is because these people are loyalists of the previous two administrations and not the current one led by Xi. Taking these people in is not that different from inviting 3 million Jews into the country for free.

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