From a jail in Germany: Alfred Schaefer: A single Moment of Truth is worth more than a Lifetime of Lies


[The latest news from Alfred. He did his utmost to spread the truth in Germany and that's why he is in jail. Germany is not free. Germany is owned by JEWS! Jan]

The following letter was sent to a couple in the Ozarks of America, written on 24 April 2021, by political prisoner Alfred Schaefer. We are in a war, not of our choosing and not initiated by us, but nevertheless we are in an all-out war and Alfred Schaefer is a Prisoner of War.

But first, this excerpt from an earlier letter from Alfred, which our friends deemed worth repeating. This was published in the newsletter called Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Indeed, these are profound words coming from the inside of a solitary cell in occupied Germany.

Nobody wants to be a Loser… Nobody wants to be Poisoned… Nobody wants to be Cheated… Nobody wants to be Lied to. Nobody wants to be the very last person to figure this out. A single moment of Truth is worth more than an entire lifetime of lies. Once I realized who’s going to win, I left the sinking ship of lies and got a good seat in the lifeboat of Truth and have been rowing as hard as I possibly can to help us to the safety of the shoreline. We all started somewhere, from very different places, and the more we decontaminate ourselves from the toxic poisons of the lies, the more we grow together as one, … like a diamond… like a large crystal that starts out with only a few molecules lining up together … then it grows, layer by layer and becomes one beautiful solid crystal! No weapons are stronger than the Truth… because no weapons can change the Truth.

Dear [friends],

Thank you so much for sending me the book, “Who is Esau Edom?” Unfortunately I won’t be able to comment on it yet because (((they))) have not allowed it through to me and it will be waiting for me with my belongings when I get released. My official release date is July 2022, but I firmly believe that I won’t be in here much longer because (((they))) are falling apart and the sun is rising fast.

I want to share a quote I have here from another letter: Jesus says “Fear not them which can kill the body, and after that have nothing more that they can do. Fear him who is able to cast both soul and body into hell.”

Now I have a question for you. What is THE most traumatizing event of your entire life? It traumatized you so bad you have zero memory of it to prevent you from suffering enduring psychological pain from it, and you even celebrate this traumatizing event every year, the event that had you fighting for life like never before, and probably never again since, that day. Your own birth.

Immediately after this trauma you found your mother’s loving arms and you were able to find the security and environment for you to begin your one and only chance on this earth to be a positive or a negative, to be light or to be dark, to do good or to do evil.

The man of sin knows how to break the life saving trust and destroy the empathy of his tribe right from the start in order to bind these individuals as psychopathic zero-empathy fear laden gangster members. It is a ritual on Day 8 of their lives, and they give it a ritual name – its called metzitzah b’peh. In Israel each day over the eighth carries a fine, and that is because after the eighth day, the level of trauma slowly decreases, and they want maximum trauma. Just as the baby thought he has made it and is okay, he is taken out of his mother’s arms and dealt a blow which scars his psyche for life. You are not allowed to do similar things to your pet dog because if you did, it acts strange all its life and is dangerous.

I had to put the metzitzah b’peh story in here, but I actually wanted to get to another point. The one with our soul. Ever since 3 Dec 2020 I’ve been in special isolation here because of what happened on that day. This is not a bad thing, all in all, in fact the very opposite is true. I had triggered this “event” with a breath of fresh air and a smile. This caused one of the devil’s conditioned 2-legged dogs to bark and to bite me. To make a long story short, I ended up in the bunker. For me, 3 Dec 2020 was like the trauma of a birth. It was painful, it was overwhelming, I fought for my life, but I was filled with overpowering joy the entire time. Nobody watching that would ever have believed it, but I know what I experienced. Monika has received an account of that day, and it is also documented in the prison records and there is a new “trial” coming for me where all this will end up being part of an official Muppet Show. [see story here]

I’m so excited! Not because of what happened on 3 Dec, but because of a funny thing that happened on the 9 Dec. I was in the prison yard with 2 other prisoners who were also in isolation mode, and I told them why I was in isolation mode, and then I explained the reason for why I’m in prison. I told them its because of my dog Pavlov, and he is a jumping dog and then one of the guards shouted out something about a “Hitler Salute”, and I asked,

“what’s Hitler got to do with my dog?”

So these people actually lined up a new Muppet Show now for me because of this. But I’ll tell you what I believe: they want to lose — we shall not disappoint them, they will lose — because this is exactly what the doctor ordered for us now at this time. This entire thing is too good to be true. Its great!

But let me get back to the bunker and how extremely valuable it was for me to learn about our soul and our spirit. After being dumped into the bunker, I was deprived of all distractions, not even a pen to write, the light stayed on all the time, it was like being buried alive. I had no idea how long this would last, so I was determined to come out as a free man, in a box, and did not touch the food anymore that they put in the cell. I promised myself not to eat until I get a pen to write. After 5 days I got put into another filthy cell but I was given all my stuff in boxes. It was hell, and after another few days I got a better cell and was able to start writing again.

Anyway, on about Day 3 or Day 4, while I was being led to the prison yard for my 60 minutes of fresh air, while passing by another prisoner who was cleaning along the way, I heard the words through his mask, directed at me,

“stay strong”

and those words, not even perceived by anyone else, had triggered a level of joy and energy in me that I hardly even thought possible. This lasted for a long time. Maybe it is the same subtle signal that a salmon receives in the middle of the ocean that reminds him where he is supposed to go to spawn, way up in some mountain creek, and he will give it his all, to go there and fulfill his life, whatever it takes.

This most subtle of signals put me in a state that clearly defined my reason for being and I was completely happy. Let me tell you, when our people can be enabled to “read” these signals because the constant distractions of the Jew World of Bread and Circus is breaking down then we will unite and do what is right and inevitable.

Have you ever wondered how a sniffer dog at the airport can sniff out a single joint hidden deep in your pack and ignore your smelly socks and your sweaty shirt? Because the sniffer dog has a nose you can not even begin to understand, because our noses are very stupid and crude and no match for a dog’s nose, which can learn to distinguish one tiny subtle note from all the loud awful distractions surrounding that one tiny note he is sniffing for. We, on the other hand, do have brains that are incredibly capable of wondrous achievements, if they are working properly, and not contaminated and crippled with poisons and distractions. The Jew has poisoned us since birth in order to leech off of us and finally destroy us after he has sucked us dry. That is now. Or so he thought. We may be down, but we’re not dead yet, and by God we’re getting up on our feet and I wouldn’t want to be our enemy.

Maybe we had to fall this low to learn and to appreciate who we are and to learn our true value. If I were not white, I would much rather be our friend than our enemy, because our enemies will wish they never were our enemy.

Reaction to subtle signals: these are both positive and negative. For example, when I see a “Corona Mask” I see a pathetic worm or diaper face. I can not take that seriously. A diaper face is telling me what??!? Ha ha ha ha ha…. To roll up my sleeve for a Jew Shot?? ha ha ha ha…

One last point: There is a price to pay for anyone so foolish to think they can override God’s Laws. It has always been that way and always will be that way.

Your friend, Alfred


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