AMERICAN STRATEGY: New British, American pushing for War with China … the Jew Blinken says before 2027

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I’m starting to come across interesting statements. I’ve mentioned before that I’m seeing a lot of BRITISH pushing for the Ukraine war. Britain and America have unquestionably decided at a high level that Russia must be destroyed. That is what is going on here. Ukraine is their proxy. This war is serious and it won’t stop.

This year is going to be a very bad year for Putin and the Russians.

The BRITISH are very aggressive, and they are saying things that are astounding to me. Britain is saying that "in our lifetimes" there is going to be a war between America and China. The Jew Blinken has said that China will attack Taiwan before 2027.

I am no fan of China, but I don’t see or think that China can or will do that. What is interesting is that America, RIGHT NOW, is looking at 3 bases in the Philippines, with 2 of those bases being in the far north and pretty close to Taiwan.

In many respects America is driving the entire world’s economy, and the US Navy is huge for that very reason.

The aggressiveness of the British toward Russia and China, and America’s moves, are to me suggesting that the British and Americans want to take on China next. Even though they are claiming that China is going to attack Taiwan, it seems to me they are moving in aggressively.

My own suspicion is that they are very pleased with the losses the Russians are taking and they want to smash Russia for once and for all – pretty soon – within a year or two. And they are feeling very CONFIDENT and they want to maul China.

I’m not sure WHY they are in such a HURRY though.

Are the JEWS pushing for these confrontations? The Jew Blinken is amazingly aggressive.

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