Video: White Boer Girl in America: It’s great being a South African spy in America

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White Dating! Love is not just looking at each other, it‘s looking in the same direction.

[This is cute. Afrikaans is going global. Notice that racially she fits in and people think she's a White American. We're the same race. She tells a quaint story. In Afrikaans the man tells his wife the stuff in the shop is so expensive and his wife tells him in Afrikaans that he mustn't be so rude. Jan]

Here’s the little video:

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Video: Human Evolution: What are Jews and why they are VERY DANGEROUS!
We take a scientific look at Jews. I compare their behaviour to that of parasites that live on animals. I look at the behaviour of Whites and Jews in the same was that we would study the behaviour of animals, and we look at actual film footage.

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