Hilarious TikTok Trend Reveals How Often Men Think About the Roman Empire

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[I hope this is true. This would be an excellent sign. Remember, Hitler, Napoleon, and the Church of Creativity Ben Klassen, all thought highly of the Roman Empire. Hitler was trying to RECREATE the Roman Empire. You can see it in all the photos, etc. Yes, he did spread German stuff too … but he grasped the awesomeness of the Roman Empire. Jan]

How often do you think about the Roman Empire?

That’s the viral question that thousands of people are asking their boyfriends, husbands, fathers and more as part of a new trend that is taking over TikTok.

The trend began after Swedish Instagram user and Roman reenactor Arthur Hulu, also known online as Gaius Flavius, shared a Reels video on Aug. 19 that said, "Ladies, many of you do not realize how often men think about the Roman Empire,” according to The Independent and The Washington Post.

Now, even celebrities and sports teams are taking their turn at trying out the trend.

When former Bachelorette star Hannah Brown asked her fiancé Adam Woolard to answer the viral question, he confessed to thinking about it “pretty consistently.”

Woolard, who got engaged to Brown in August, said the empire is “constantly” on his mind because of both martial arts and modern politics.

“Men, to our core, I think are warriors,” he told Brown in the TikTok video. “You have to be ready for battle at all times, and the Roman Empire is all about battle. Common sense!”

Fellow Bachelor Nation alum Hannah Godwin also posed the question to her new husband Dylan Barbour, who casually admitted to thinking about the Roman Empire “once a week.”

Today’s Caron Daly even admitted to thinking about the Roman Empire “every day,” much to his co-hosts’ surprise. He said much of it “harkens back to Marcus Aurelius,” a philosopher and Roman emperor.

“First of all, the movie Gladiator is in every guy’s top five favorite movies,” Daly, 50, claimed in the clip. “Joe Rogan’s podcast is wildly popular, and there’s this trend to have this modern understanding of ancient philosophies like stoicism, cold plunging is a big thing right now, keto.”

Host Craig Melvin suggested that some men seemingly think of the Roman Empire “just randomly” every day, to which Daly responded, “I think it’s just part of the new young man psyche.”

But men of all ages appear to be answering “yes” to the viral question. During Friday’s show, the women on The View shared that they had all posed the question to their husbands, and almost all of them confirmed that the Roman Empire is regularly on their minds.

Sunny Hostin’s husband, however, asked, “Wait, are you talking about Vikings?”

Several members of the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres also said the Roman Empire is not frequently top of mind, though a few players did admit to thinking about it upwards of “two or three times a day.”

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Mike Williams denied thinking about the Empire, as well. “I don’t think about that!” he exclaimed in the team’s TIkTok video. “I don’t even know what that is.”

One expert explanation for why men often think about the Roman Empire is that the era has been historically overemphasized in Western societies, according to the Post.

However, there is not true consensus as to why men think about the Roman Empire so frequently, and much more often than women.

Source: https://people.com/tiktok-trend-reveals-how-often-men-think-about-roman-empire-7970437

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