GREAT NEWS: Jewish immigration to Israel has been increasing since 2008

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It seems Jews are feeling more and more unsafe, especially in America, but also in Europe – even in Germany. It is bothering Jews and Jews are leaving in bigger numbers. But of course, America has an insane number of Jews – almost half the world’s population of Jews lives there.

I’m trying to find statistics for how many Jews are entering Israel, and the latest is a figure that the Jews give of 73,000 for 2022 – BUT, it is NOT COMPLETE – so the number is higher. Jewish immigration to Israel hit a low in 2008 after being very high in the 1990s. But it’s been picking up steadily. The Jews cite the fact that they are feeling unsafe, and the thing that freaks them out the most specifically, is being attacked in the streets. That bothers them the most.

Here is a Jewish website where you can see all their immigration stats, and you’ll see that 2022 really stands out:

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