Video & Audio: Important Lesson for Whites: The TWO Laws of the Jungle

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I discuss White survival in this crazy, devious, evil world. In this video I discuss nature and the natural world and how things in the world really work. I discuss the ruthlessness at the top, especially the laws of war. I discuss war and morality as well as immorality in war and power politics. Ultimately, the Law of the Jungle is the only true law on earth. Everything else has no meaning. I discuss exactly what comes from the law of the jungle and where it takes us as humans, as Whites. This is the only law that has ever existed or will ever exist. It is the only thing that is permanent.

From this law I derive another law that is very important for Whites to know. It does not matter what any of our enemies do, there is always the second law.

This was recorded on 2022-12-30.

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