Diversity Hell: Austria: 3 sex workers brutally murdered by Afghan migrant in Vienna brothel

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Over the weekend, Vienna was hit with a bloodbath after an Afghan migrant butchered three prostitutes inside a Thai massage parlor that also served as an illegal brothel. Police say the man already confessed to the crime after being interrogated all night on Saturday.

The three women, who were stabbed dozens of times, were murdered Friday night going into Saturday morning. The girls worked at the Asia Studio, which advertised its services on its homepage with a list of employees, who are described as “sweet as sugar.” The women featured names like Xixi, Jimmy, Erni, and Bella, which police believe are likely fake, with services ranging in price from €40 to €499.

Police say the 27-year-old Afghan targeted the women with a knife, slaughtering three of the girls, while another one on duty locked herself in a room. The eyewitness, who never actually saw the murder suspect, told police she heard the screams of her colleagues from another room. She managed to flee the brothel unharmed, but police are describing her as “severely traumatized.”

The scene of violence was apparently spread throughout the erotic massage parlor, with investigators describing “terrible images.” The women were beaten badly, disfigured, and stabbed so many times that police initially struggled to identify the victims, according to Austrian newspaper Kurier.

Police say they discovered the man with the murder weapon still on his person hiding in a bush. The suspect then ran from the police but was arrested under a bridge. The officers were forced to deploy a taser as he refused to drop his weapon.

The man was then transported to the hospital with minor injuries, which he sustained as the girls fought for their lives inside the brothel.

A motive for the murder?
Police believe the Afghan suspect, who has been continuously applying for asylum since 2022, may have entered the erotic studio late in the evening and may have been the last guest. The women who worked there may have tried to turn him away, which police argue may have been “an insult to his honor,” which sent the man into a rage. Police describe the murders as especially brutal, as the girls were stabbed dozens of times during the attack.

The suspect confessed to the murders after being questioned all night by the police. It is unclear if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

However, APA reports that the man, who has his residence listed in an asylum home in Carinthia, bought the knives specifically for the purpose of targeting the prostitutes, which indicates that the massacre may have been planned in advance.

Afghans a serious problem
This is not the first case involving Afghan migrants and a high-profile murder or set of murders. Three Afghan migrants were convicted of gang-raping and murdering a 13-year-old girl in Vienna in 2022 in a case that shocked the nation.

In 2022, after a wave of rapes struck Austria, Austrian politician Dominik Nepp was censored for writing about the rapes on his Twitter profile. The chairman of the Vienna branch of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) allegedly violated the rules on hate speech, according to Twitter. Nepp wrote in his post that there have been a number of attacks in Vienna involving “girls who were raped by asylum seekers.”

As Remix News recently reported, one sex worker in Germany said that the first thing she would do is ban Arabs from having access to her brothel if she were made boss, saying that they are too aggressive.

However, the same parties pushing mass immigration from countries where women have no rights and face constant physical and sexual assault, such as Afghanistan, are now calling for a national “crisis meeting” about femicides.

SPÖ Federal Women’s Chairwoman Eva-Maria Holzleitner said, “We mourn the murdered women, are thinking of the survivors and call for a national action plan to protect against violence to finally be implemented in order to protect women’s lives in Austria.”

The aim of Austria’s National Action Plan for Violence Protection should be to “install a permanent crisis team from the Ministry of Justice, Women’s Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior together with the victim and violence protection institutions and, in addition, to set up violence protection clinics and regular multi-institutional nationwide risk conferences across the board.”

Source: https://rmx.news/crime/austria-3-sex-workers-brutally-murdered-by-afghan-migrant-in-vienna-brothel/

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