Video & Audio: Top Communist Jew: Ronnie Kasrils: Why Jews HATED Dr Verwoerd & LOVED Black Terrorist Nelson Mandela


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In this video you will hear me asking Ronnie Kasrils a question, and he spends quite a while answering it. After my question I had hoped for more questions, but there was another question by someone else and then they quickly cut off the session.

In this session I wanted to see if the Jew Kasrils would give me an indication that the Jews were delighted that a black had finally been found who was willing to kill whites, and that black being Nelson Mandela. You can hear how Kasrils answered.

I wanted to also ascertain whether I could get any answer from the Jews about why they HATED the Prime Minister of South Africa, Dr Hendrik Verwoerd. Verwoerd was a closet Dutch NAZI. I will discuss this later.

The way Kasrils answered me is similar to the way my Jewish friend had discussed Mandela. You would think they had just met God himself. But when it comes to discussing Dr Verwoerd, Kasrils can’t help himself but eventually to call Verwoerd evil and insane. The Jews hide their hatred well, but it is still discernable.

I recorded this on 25th January 2020.

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