Video: Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution – An Interview with Professor Anthony C. Sutton

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Video: A Quick Lesson: What Whites really do to Jews in Pogroms and Holocausts
Ive looked at lots of literature over the years where the Jews claim Whites are slaughtering them. They cite pogroms as a nasty feature of their past. And then some pogroms are then called holocausts. But what exactly really happens? Is there any evidence of what exactly transpires between Whites and Jews?

[Sutton is a good British guy. He uncovered some really interesting and solid things. He was not afraid to speak out. I don't think he ever mentioned the Jews though, but he got the key facts. You'll see these "Americans" are actually JEWS. Jan]

Here’s the interview:

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Selfmoordvoorkoming Suid-Afrika - Videos
Hier is ‘n paar nuttige video‘s wat jou kan help.

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